Wife and sister in law sex stories

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Wife and sister in law sex stories

We all slept well that night and woke up around 8. Looking down shell saw the small lovebite on the tit as demanded by Mike, like his cock, hubby only managed to put a small bruise on her another disappointment that he cant do well. Driving his teak hard cock deep inside my convulsing cunt, he began to twist my nipples gently. I raised my ass off the sofa just enough for the guys to slide my thong down my thighs revealing my married shaved pussy. He gave my pussy one last lick as he moved up and knelt on the sofa. Not really sure what he was doing he just placed his tongue between my pussy lips and lapped away. But stood, called hubby and bid everyone good night as she left she took a final look at her Brother in law, who blew her a kiss, a wry smile passed her lips. His cock deflated to half size as I instructed my pussy licked to take his position in the cock sucking domain. I climbed out of my station wagon revealing just a hint of stockinged thigh. My Husband does a bit of part time helping with our local scout troop. His cock was empty now as I slowly rode the softening flesh. Opening my mouth I shrouded his cock as his sperm flowed down my throat. He rested his body on mine as he played with my erect nipples and kissed my swollen lips. I made my way to the dorm and told them to come through one at a time and they could do me all night. Mike was busy in the room, he had set up cameras and phones to record all over his room, he wanted to capture every angle as he fucked his big titted sister in law. Great I thought just what I need when im out on the pull. I told Mr Monster cock to sit on the sofa as I straddled his thighs. I undid my blouse buttons at the wrists then unbuttoned the blouse from the bottom up. So having just got off the phone to my wife she informed me that he sister Shell along with her hubby were in my neck of the woods for a few days and may well catch up! He finished off inside me as did the next two. My Husband called me at 4. They would meet up on the Friday evening and sleep in the dormitory and on the Saturday they would pitch tents and get some serious camping done, Hunting, Fishing and everything else Scout troops get up to. I've even been introduced recently to threesomes and the joys of spit roasting. The monster cock began to twitch and throb as the most powerful cum blast I've ever experienced surged through my pussy. Mr Perfect cock emptied his young vibrant seed deep inside my pussy as I milked every drop from his magnificent cock. The first guy approached and knelt between my legs. Luckily she had left because five minutes later who should walk into the bar but Shell my sister in law.

Wife and sister in law sex stories

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