What are the best sexual positions

We describe male and female sexual anatomy in detail, complete with detailed and informative photos. In short, you won't find a better sex website anywhere on the internet. When a woman ejaculates fluid during sexual excitement she reaches an intense state of sexual arousal. The pictures are divided into sections - man on top, woman on top, and so on - with a full description of the advantages and disadvantages of each position. The key to slow sex is to develop a sense of trust with your partner. We show you the solutions for many other sexual problems, including: This is the only sexual information website you'll ever need!

What are the best sexual positions

Men should be thinking of a sexual act including foreplay to last more than 45 minutes. Successful sex is one of the most important things in keeping a relationship happy and stopping people from breaking up: Yes - that's right - you can actually choose when to ejaculate during sex. We invariably pursue breaches of copyright. More than anything else, women want a confident and skilled lover. You should be also whispering how much you like these acts from your partner and this will lead to a very effective slow sex. How do our sexual needs differ - and why? We explore men's need to enjoy quick, no-strings sex from time to time, and tell you how you can introduce this into your sex life so that both partners enjoy it to the full. One of the reasons for this is that reading about something theoretically is very different to experiencing it. Slow sex in a time frame will help you to concentrate on the how sex is done rather than concentrating on what you do. Moreover this position will lead to a good female orgasm and will help for greater intimacy between partners. We show you how you can do this - easily. Allow the female partner to enter you with her legs wide apart and help her to place her kegs behind you in bed. If you're like most people, you'll know that sex isn't always as good as it can be. What makes a man think differently to a woman? The answers to all these questions, and many others, are here. When she's had one climax like this, she can have them whenever she wants - most likely, every time you have sex! Find out how you can turn your partner on during foreplay, bring her to orgasm, and then enjoy intensely pleasurable and satisfying intercourse with her. Advanced sexual positions - a Modern Kama Sutra We've commissioned a highly detailed, high definition series of over explicit photographs showing the secret sexual positions depicted in the greatest lovers' manual of all time - the Kama Sutra. This makes it one of the longest established sexual positions sites — and hopefully also, one of the most useful! A thrilling way of achieving the most intense orgasmic ecstasy that just goes on The answer is going to surprise you, and it's something every man needs to know. Dating and relationships The art of foreplay - and how to ensure you both enjoy it! Slow sex will help woman have a multiple orgasms and males would be wondering ways to have slow sex in this modern racy world. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, delayed ejaculation problems are something you can cure.

What are the best sexual positions

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Top 10 Hottest Sex Positions

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  1. All these techniques are described in detail on the website. How to experience multiple orgasm - for women and men!

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