The young and the restless sex scenes

But it wasn't long before a young dealer at Walnut Grove found Colleen out and sold her some pot. Victor suspected Jack was behind her, and he was, although Colleen wanted to do it to honor her father Brad as well. Once again, Daniel and Amber confessed their love on their favorite talk radio show as "Herve" and "Marlana", and Daniel broke up with Colleen. Colleen and Abby were both devastated by their father's death, and Victoria and Ashley commiserated over the loss of their former husbands. Abby recalled that they'd all ended up in jail the last time, and Mariah reflected back on the bar fight. Colleen packed up her things and returned to New York City to live with her mother again. Later, Mariah hoped Abby was feeling better after having a snack, and Abby apologized for her "bitchy" behavior, but she'd been expecting more than refined flour. It was expensive, but Colleen loved J. After they wasted days trying to track down the Reliquary on the Internet and through art dealers, Victoria decided to create a fake using two other similar Grudgeon pieces.

The young and the restless sex scenes

Sharon wondered if the fact that Rey had never met J. Mariah prepared for Sharon's bachelorette party at the cottage. Although Jana was originally planning her wedding to Kevin in "Goth" style with Amber designing her gown, then influenced by being maid of honor for Sabrina began dreaming of a more traditional wedding, they ended up with a hippie style wedding at an ashram in Malibu. Victor wasn't happy about the circumstances that had led to their reunion, but Matt thought reconnecting hadn't been so bad. They caught Fred coming down the stairs after spending the night there with Jill Abbott. They hugged, and Mariah promised that it would be a fantastic night. Meanwhile Victoria and Deacon closed an art deal with champagne in his suite, and were getting cozy when Amber interrupted. Sharon claimed that she'd just gotten emotional, but Nikki urged Sharon to talk to her. Nick reasoned that he'd wanted to take the pressure off because Sharon had been busy with the wedding and her graduation. But Brad found out and Colleen stood up to him, moved out, and Brad cut off her funding and her car. Brad had to explain to all his past as George Kaplan and that the kidnappers wanted an artifact called the Grudgeon Reliquary. Victoria wished that Billy would choose to find help for himself rather than hitting rock-bottom again. Brad explained his past to Colleen, then hustled her and Abby off to the private jet where they met his mother Rebecca, and were jetted to safety in Hawaii. But Colleen was able to convince her that she would get help and return, and Colleen left in a canoe. Nikki believed their early experiences would never leave them, nor should they ever forget them. Sharon arrived home and fretted about how much she had to do to get ready. Thanks to Colleen confiding in Adrian, he solved the puzzle which revealed a treasure worth billions that was concealed in the catacombs in the Czech Republic. Colleen lost a job prospect teaching at GCU when they saw the video online, so after confronting Victor about it, she went out to the Abbott cabin to get over it. Abby griped that it would be freezing, and Mariah sarcastically informed her about a crazy new invention called heaters. When Traci turned up pregnant, they were remarried, but the marriage didn't last long as Brad got more and more involved with his career. Nate opened the envelope and read the results before declaring that the DNA wasn't a match. After his request of J. Summer remarked that it sounded like Arturo liked rich people, and Abby questioned whether she and Summer had a problem she didn't know about. Jana was taken into custody, but had a seizure which turned out to be caused by a brain tumor. Rey recounted that she'd been married to Paul's son, and he noted the challenge of figuring out what was going on in someone's head, using science and intuition without letting biases get in the way. Adrian seemed to have moved on by bedding Amber Moore, but was still drawing sketches of Colleen and remembering their time making love together. Jack considered all the people who had urged him to drop the whole thing, and Nick pointed out that it wasn't something Jack had to decide right then.

The young and the restless sex scenes

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  1. Although Jana had fallen in love with him, framing Kevin was her necessary out, and since Kevin had once tried to do the same to Colleen, Kevin would be blamed and it would be assumed that he mistakenly got trapped with her this time. Colleen took an offer she had gotten to do a work-study program, and seeing her relationship with Adrian in ruins, said good-by to her father and left for Beijing, China.

  2. But due to J. Nick returned home and asked what was going on, and Mariah explained that she was having a pre-party for everyone to get gorgeous together over chocolates and booze.

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