The sexiest woman of all time

Blue Is the Warmest Color , Fr. And she wasn't afraid to take them off, either -- in , she exposed her breasts at Disney World and was banned forever from the park. More than just a pretty face and a great body, Harry set you on fire with her voice and demeanor; it's tempting to think of her as a sex kitten, but she was actually a Playboy bunny, and, you know, they're both pretty hot as far as animals go. There is a wonderfully mature, unabashed quality to her sexuality: Oh, and she was a stripper. Bitter Moon , Fr. Stevie Nicks From her boho look before it was chic to her angelic features, Stevie Nicks redefined what it meant to be a rock star in the late '70s. It never fails, the female trainers at the gum always have male clients lined up waiting to train. Still, back in the '90s she was setting trends with baby doll dresses and plastic bow barrettes in her hair.

The sexiest woman of all time

Maybe it's the deep throb of the bass or the slow-motion handclaps. You HAVE to find a way to sneak a peak at her. Am I rough enough? The song musically climaxes as she sings "I've been down on my knees and you just keep on getting closer," and unwinds as the two sing in relaxed unison, "Go slow. Though these adverts were tiny, and a thin black line blocked out the good parts, I'm certain any of us would have married her. That was largely due to smoldering frontman Michael Hutchence. With Josh Homme's breathless drawl and a strut-worthy tempo, the track is instrumentally doused with lust, with each chant of "I wanna make it, I wanna make it wit chu" adding an extra ounce of fuel to the song's sexual smolder. The rest of her career, meanwhile, is a study in alluring contradictions: Avril Lavigne Combining supermodel good looks and a punk rock attitude was sheer genius. Watching the way she rolls her body to the sound of gunshots, singing "Some, some, some I murder; some, some I let go," it's easy to believe Sri Lankan-bred rapper M. There is a fierce independence in that video -- even though she's dancing in a cage you get the sense that she chooses to stay confined, which is more erotic than actually being locked up. Nico Nico is sexy in the way that a crying woman is sexy. But you had a suspicion that your profound sense of sarcasm would win her over, and you knew deep down she realized her badassness was a front, just as it was for you and everyone else. We always felt sorry for those other two girls in Destiny's Child -- what were their names again? She transitions from Dickies and Vans to cardigans and platinum pin curls as easily as she transitions from a girlish coo to a warbly, womanly belt. Jennifer Lopez As Eminem said more or less , we'd have sex with this chick even if we were related. The poll ranked the top women and Ms. Her band is always a safe distance behind her in their clips, not wanting to be too close to someone who looks best in spattered-blood red. But trust me, I sat for over an hour trying to decide which pictures to share with you. Herb Alpert, "Rise" Herb Alpert knows sexy. Knowing what I know about you, and how you think, you choose the lady with muscles every time. The type of man who prefers a little sag in the breast to the plasticine perfection of silicone. And she can call us anytime. Dream Lover The psychological thriller examined the short-lived, sexy romance between a yuppie guy James Spader and an enigmatic dream lover Madchen Amick. It's the moment when you realize, no matter what, you'll never have a woman with as much pure animal sexuality as Shakira. But are they really? British singer-songwriter Beth Orton's shimmering electro-folk ballad perfectly captures the thrill of that moment, when a hot new romance makes everything feel possible.

The sexiest woman of all time

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Of All Time

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  1. The song musically climaxes as she sings "I've been down on my knees and you just keep on getting closer," and unwinds as the two sing in relaxed unison, "Go slow. She doesn't so much sing her words as pant them.

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