Someone who is addicted to sex

A Borderline splits-off their darker facets from their lighter ones, but this is not a characteristic that's exclusive to someone who's personality disordered. I quickly learned to bury my frustration, sadness and rage. You'll probably become aware of some redundancies in this material. Recovery means learning how to be your best friend. Each time these "bad" sensations hate, anger, envy, frustration, etc. Certain breeds of dogs have to be 'crated' when you first bring them home. It's much easier getting 'three squares' a day, than getting out into the world, and trying to support and make a life for themselves. If you're still breathing, it's not too late to start healing. Ask yourself this; am I surviving--or am I thriving?

Someone who is addicted to sex

Given you're presently here, you've no doubt been thinking your way through life, as opposed to feeling your way along. Other times, he'll look around for a child who has it a lot worse than he does, so he's able to feel better by contrast, about his immediate pain or frustration. If you're thinking it was your parents, you are absolutely right. They can't understand their painful, darker feelings, and there's nobody safe around to tell about 'em. When feelings begin to replace the awful emptiness we've lived with inside, there's a marvelous sense of ease, aliveness and wholeness that comes with being human and healthy. Very quickly, this ostracized kid learns that difficult sensations are dangerous and bad, and begins suppressing them--because when he doesn't, he feels worse! If you're willing to keep an open mind, this text should make sense to the rational and intuitive parts of your brain, so self-destructive compulsions can become a thing of the past. Ask yourself this; am I surviving--or am I thriving? There's a humongous difference between sitting on your feelings--and sitting with them. The core of this issue typically starts in infancy, and it's associated with fear. This is a process. It's about staying dissociated or disconnected from feelings and sensations that help you discern when you've worked-out, masturbated, drank or eaten enough, and stopping before you get hurt, go numb or black-out. Addiction's the ever-present nagging you feel to avert feelings of depression, emptiness or deadness, and fill that gigantic hole in your soul. Some twelve-step sponsors urge you to "let go of your anger. When you've lacked a frame of reference for feeling good, it's gonna feel foreign and uncomfortable for you the moment you start to get there, and you'll have a reflexive need to sabotage the gains you've made. Only Nothingness or Emptiness! Before long, you were beating yourself up for crimes you probably hadn't committed, and surprise you felt a lot worse! If you were intended to only have nice, light, generous and cheerful feelings, wouldn't you have been created without the ability to feel anything else? Years ago, I dated a 'recovering addict' who'd always told me, "if my past girlfriends had only been this supportive and loving, I could have accomplished anything! This didn't occur immediately. I later came to realize that without someone to demonize for his pain, he had to confront his own demons. Addicts are always scanning their inner terrain and beating themselves up for something. Discomfort has to be excruciating to gain their attention--but it still may not register, because compassion is reserved exclusively for others, and never given to oneself. I'm amazed, that most species of animals will fight to the death to protect their young--yet this isn't always true for humans. This is why discharged inmates frequently go back to jail. So what's really the point of sobriety, if you're still struggling to make your life work, and you're in such agony, you periodically want to die? The details leading up to this aren't as salient as the catalysts that led to my total loss of Self.

Someone who is addicted to sex

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15 Confessions From Sex Addicts

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  1. I guess you haven't gotten around to asking God about that one, have you?? This is a process.

  2. No book editor would let me get away with this, but if you can't 'hear' these concepts repeated in slightly different ways, you can't absorb and integrate them--and that's what's necessary for real change to occur. This is our fight or flight mechanism, but for many of us, it was dismantled and rendered useless during childhood.

  3. Tomorrow, you'll probably feel lighter. I'm thinking it'll keep growing and ripening like some of my other materials, but here goes:

  4. This helps them feel safer, as they adjust to their new surroundings. This material is intended to rattle a bunch of cages.

  5. You may feel miserable, but it's familiar and therefore, more comfortable than leaving that crate!

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