Sexy story with photo in hindi

This movie was a trailblazer of sorts. Kunwara Baap This is a comedy movie with a relevant social message in it, and the Tamil actress Manorama's role will surely give you a reason to laugh. The movie is based on a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore. Suspense until the last moment. Music is the real star of this all-time classic. Woh 7 Din This is a remake of a popular Tamil film and was the first movie in which Anil Kapoor played a leading role. This can be considered the most famous role of Raj Kapoor. Umrao Jaan I listed this film solely because of the epic songs.

Sexy story with photo in hindi

The bathing scene of Vyjantimala is still talked about in various forums on the web. Historic movie that people from every age group can enjoy. Was Shakti obsessed with the "A" phenomena, I wonder? Amitabh along with Vinod Khanna and Rishi make merry and beat the baddies. It made Amitabh synonymous with action movies. As he goes on doing his duty, he is mistaken for the one who is dead, which leads to many problems. Kaala Patthar This movie depicts the life and times of coal miners, and exposes how some of these miners are treated. Dilip Kumar's inspirational acting. Sharmila Tagore is my favorite actress and in this one she plays a double role by the screen names Roopa and Suzy. Why you should watch: This film is no exception. One is supposedly killed, and the other is given the task of breaking the news to the family. This movie is thoroughly spellbinding. India This was a breakthrough film for every actor involved. The script is unique and the music is good. The story revolved around hippie culture and the quest a brother trying to get back his sister from the blurry and dark world of drug abuse. Ijaazat This is a love story you will remember long after you watch it. An iconic and cult film in its own way. He gets attached to a little girl and enjoys her company. Powerful and bold performance by one of my favorite actresses, Smita Patil. The last scene is perhaps the saddest ever in an Indian film. Koshish Oh, what a couple Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya make. Man Kyu Behka Re: Blockbuster of its time. Hand painted poster of Kagaz Ke Phool.

Sexy story with photo in hindi

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