Sexy hair soy leave in conditioner

I started losing my hair about 9 months ago. I have learned through this process that you really must be a squeaky wheel, visit multiple doctors and do your research. I went to my gyno who performed a bunch of blood tests. I was a mess, I stopped going to work, going out with people just plain old making excuses not to go anywhere. If you wanted to do something I would get the laser comb and use it. Just identifying that is half the battle. My scalp is covered in the front for the most part but I have to use lots of hairspray so that bald spots do not show.

Sexy hair soy leave in conditioner

Im happy to say that in August of his year I was brave enough to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend! I eat fish now and eggs and dairy. I had androgenic alopecia confirmed by a scalp biopsy. I went to my gyno who performed a bunch of blood tests. Ann June 27, at 7: Thank you, God bless and keep you strong…. Some right away others a month or so it can last a few weeks or several months. The doctor has given me a liquid topical steriod to stop the inflamation on my scalp, it still burns real bad though. But at that time i had bad acne. This all started around the time I started swimming in our neighborhood community center. They said this is what has caused the TE. My derm said this also could have triggered the hair loss. It seems like once you start Rogaine, that you must stay with it for the rest of your life, which is an awfully big commitment! I mostly dry my hair then add mousse and finish and curl with a dryer brush thingy. Also do any vitimins help? I lose a lot of little hairs so it is hard to tell. With the use of information from you posts I feel like there might be hope for me to grow my hair back! Just had scalp biopsy, awaiting results in a few days. My male derm practically dismissed me. How much spiro were you on, and how long did it take for your hair to resore itself, how long were you on the minoxidil for before you saw an improvement Bonnie March 30, at 7: Vicky June 2, at 9: I am 6 weeks into the treatment and notice MORE hair loss than ever in the shower or even just running my hand through my hair. In late , I had a miscarriage, a break up and extreme stress over it. Just in the last week or so, I do believe I see some regrowth! I think it has actually slowed down now, at the 6 month mark, but really no regrowth. If you can get Diane, Yasmin, Yas, and Ortho-cept 28 are also good.

Sexy hair soy leave in conditioner

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