Sexy feet with black nail polish

Use a white clear base color for your large toe nails. Then, cover with a clear top coat. An adorable looking inverted French tip for the toes. On top of the base colors are also alternating colors of the bows are painted while a huge heart with polka dots is added on the big toenail. Paint a small square silver design on the big toe nail near the cuticle.

Sexy feet with black nail polish

Another interesting tribal themed toenail design. All you need is lavender nail polish, pink nail polish, some silver stripping tape, and a clear top coat. You could also add an artistic on your toe nails. Using a stencil create a flower toe nail design. Get artistic with other decals. The other nails are then coated in matte fuchsia. Additional yellow beads are placed on top of the melon polished nails. Use dark blue and purple as a base coat for your big toe nails. Paint a small square silver design on the big toe nail near the cuticle. Simply put on the dark blue nail polish as the base coat. Setting up your toes! The big toenails are then designed with multiple colors of curve shapes and polka dots. To create this design, put on a white base coat. Start creating this nail art design with a light pink colored base. There are also designs that are easier to make with the help of nail stickers. The toenail art looks very neat, clean and classy. You can try and practice on one toenail for the meantime until you get it right and duplicate the design on the rest of the other toenails. To master this design, you will need rhinestones, and tan and white nail polish. Then, finish the design with nail fillers. Things you will need for your toenail art design: Then, cover it with a transparent top coat. Play around with black, blue green, pink, orange and nude colors as base polish for each of the toenails. The toe nail polish is uniquely contrasted together for a classy look. Adorable pink flower inspired French tip toenail art. Paint the silver nail polish on each toe nail. Pink, green and black tribal inspired toenail art design, this design is very simple but surely does the job. To set it off, add a toe ring that has a leaf-like design.

Sexy feet with black nail polish

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Beautiful Feet With Dark Nail Polish And Gold Flipflops

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  1. Use a white clear base color for your large toe nails. Design them into tiny flowers and add a glitter gold matte polish on each one of the smaller nails.

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