Sexual ways to surprise your boyfriend

You don't even have to take pictures—the idea that you're turned on by the image of us together is what really gets me off. You'll be so slick, I won't know which way to do you first. More From The Stir: It's exciting, like when we first met and had to stay quiet to avoid waking our roommates. It makes a tighter fit for me, and you'll feel like you're floating. If that's you, switch the tables. And hey, most of the time half the work is already done for you, so to speak. I can't think of a sexier welcome than that.

Sexual ways to surprise your boyfriend

Yes, this is something some guys want. I'll start finding more excuses to help out in the kitchen after that. I'll take care of the rest. I'll be ready for more soon. One little ice cube. It's kind of like holding hands—only about a trillion times sexier. Tell me how deep or hard I'm giving it to you and you'll get a memorable performance. And one of the funnest ways to do that is to surprise your mate with something he just never saw coming -- but definitely wanted. I'll never forget you. I don't know how chatty you are during sex? If you've never surprised your guy with this treat you've probably never seen the happiest man alive on Earth. Am I saying too much? It's so sensitive there, it really heightens my after-orgasm. When you have some quiet time alone, sidle up to him and fresh. The strange locations added a delicious thrill. More From The Stir: I love that teasing feeling. It'll intensify the explosion. That's a feat I'm not likely to forget. Everyone needs to from time to time -- everyone. This creates a tight spot inside you that feels amazing. Maybe just a boa? This is a great "problem" to have for one big reason: It's like she's so atat to have me. My lust will spike. It's hard, but the tiles grip your flesh in unexpectedly erotic ways.

Sexual ways to surprise your boyfriend

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