Sex with a 40 year old woman

I can't imagine what these poor little girls have to go through with men like these. United States or not the US. But, this "40" years old man looks far more than 40 years old, I would say I keep seeing "girls are expensive and a burden" but how are you expecting girls, women to be viable when they are yanked from school at 6 to "marry" become a slave to some unknown man? October 1, at 1: Don't generalize what happens in poor countries and countries without education have nothing to do with Islam not everyone that prays means he is a true Muslim. August 7, at 6: This isn't a legal problem, it's a cultural problem.

Sex with a 40 year old woman

Remember that you are not talking about US laws, instead you are speaking of local traditions of those nations. Basically these man are "buying" these very young girls to marry them. Animals do not treat each other with such disrespect. This is disgusting how can this happen in this day and age its disgusting what a vile practice. I believe this is bad too but think about it That's years, by the way. We will pray for them in the US. October 8, at 8: I have no clue what right they have power over a young child to make their own life and what's sad to say as their parents willing to strip what's left of their children's life being raped constantly to a man they don't even know and not being let know that they are going to get married at a very young age it should be a law in every country not to do that I wish there was a way that I can make a change for everyone in her life especially young innocent girls August 3, at 2: April 22, at September 27, at 4: For your information Islam and Muslim will be protected by almighty god. The reasons for the early age of marriage were many — Lower life expectancy, early puberty, socio-cultural factors etc. This is a terrible practice but I think the lawyers can stay out of it. Thank you for a breath of fresh air, and commen sense. I does not matter. I dont care whether u r Abraham lincoln. Any rational human being will agree that customs, traditions and social norms were significantly different years ago. It takes his cross, and grace, and the gift of God's Spirit, to re-shape and renew genuine nobility to wrecked humanity. August 6, at 6: For all the people who have such strong opinions and think these child marriages should be stopped — I challenge you to become active in making it happen. I am not sure what you are trying to say. I have an opened mind when it comes to religion, I'm catholic and read this story then read your reply. Let me mention some facts. No filing papers etc But yours must have been in jest, only sometimes it is hard to tell here August 6, at 6: They pay their parents goods.

Sex with a 40 year old woman

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  1. UN and all international organization dealing with children should go after these practices.

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