Sex tips for the first time

So ease into the situation, relax and enjoy each other. You may like it when your partner touches you in a particular area, you may find you prefer it slow, or fast Think of foreplay as of a fun way to spice up the mood and get you prepared for the intercourse. While this may seem like an attempt to keep you from having sex, nothing could be farther from the truth. The most important thing about sex is foreplay, so have fun while you are at it. In most cases, lubrication will make it much easier for your partner to penetrate you.

Sex tips for the first time

Try putting a pillow underneath your back and lifting your legs. Your first time is the most important and usually the most painful so be sure to make yourself comfy. There might be bleeding. Remember that lube is your friend. Here are tips for sex for the first time By: Some things may not feel good — so you may want them to slow down or stop. In India, there is a myth on the 'virginity' of a girl. Enter your email address: While this is natural, spending as much time as possible on foreplay can really help both you and your partner enjoy sex and reduce the risk of it hurting the first time! Oftentimes depicted in movies, first sex or as a matter of fact,any sex is perfectly filled with synchronized moves between both partners, excited moaning, and climax in the same exact second. Communicate As I said early in this article, communication is key. Places like the back seat of a car, or the shower surely seem sexy and intriguing but those spots should be saved for the future. It may or may not happen, so just go with the flow. In most cases, lubrication will make it much easier for your partner to penetrate you. Moreover, the pain goes away after a short period of time and you will feel pleasure. Pain during your first time is normal. It not only leads to unwanted pregnancies, but it also protects you from STDs. So relax and enjoy the moment. But remember that the pain is different for different women and anxiety about the pain just makes the situation worse. Probably the most important part of the whole 'first time' experience, protection is a must. In numerous movies and TV series, sex often happens after a couple of drinks. Check out our how to have sex pages for more tips on protection. Choose your position and location wisely. Besides, it has been proven that being safe can actually relax you. If you use a lubricant and still experience as much pain, you may want to consult your gynecologist. More often than not, your partner will LOVE the fact that they are turning you on in some way, and it will turn them on more. While feeling emotionally ready is essential, being prepared with protection will do wonders to put your mind at ease and increase enjoyment.

Sex tips for the first time

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  1. First off, if both of you are virgins, know that it will be awkward and not all that perfect.

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