Sex positions to spice up your sex life

Face to face connection and intimacy. Slow Dance A really amazing position if you can get it to work! Wheelbarrow A funny position to try for awhile but it gets tiring for obvious reasons. Turtle She turtles right up in a ball and your kneeing behind for deeper penetration. Looks weird but it could be fun. Victory Stick those legs in the air and allow for full entry. Licking the Flag Pole She opens herself right up for you to get in their and use your mouth and hands. You have your legs and arms to support your weight. Her ass against you plus the angle makes for one the world favorite sex positions.

Sex positions to spice up your sex life

The Knot This is one of basic sex positions from Kama Sutra sex positions. Her feet actually rest on your leaning chest. Leg Glider Named by sexinfo the leg glider is a tough on to pull off for those who are not flexible. Make it quick and easy. Side Rider Just like riding astride but now she has less stability! The scarf can also be performed on the side of a bed. Pile Driver What a graphic name! Symmetrical Congress This position is the usual sitting position where you are facing each other. If you get the height right it can be very romantic. The full body closeness really ads to the sensation. Super-Woman Change up the rear entry by pulling her leg and holding it back behind you. The Rising Sap This position requires some flexibility on her part. Spread Eagle The standard oral sex position with female in a very relaxed orgasm ready position. This is another variation of dog style with man on top, rear entry. While we could not find a name for this position. This position has some degree of difficulty for the man. In this position the women back is on from on him like shes sitting on your lap. Little Dipper A little crazy is what it should be called — this one would be a hell of a tricep workout for a women. If so the women is laying on her back and you are inside her in the scissor position. Surprisingly comfortable for both you and her. Go ahead and try it, raise your hand up and clinched your fist. Kneel on her side and take one leg up so she is facing you and her legs are wide open for your entry! Best done anywhere any time. Quickie Fix Quickie Fix is a good position for urgent love making. Mastery Once again the women is in control here and needs to do most of the moving. Start from lap dance position with woman on your lap doing her own thing, then raise both of your leg and ask her to grab them.

Sex positions to spice up your sex life

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  1. Change it up between you sitting on your legs and her backing into you and you both kneeling up with a mini doggy style. You cannot help but feel deeply connected to your lover when your practically inside their soul both via hugging leg hugging and kissing.

  2. As you hold hands you can use that to pull her back against you. Then turn on the machine.

  3. She is lying down while you are seated. Riding the South Face A more extreme version — the inverted north face means you get a face full of ass to go with everything else.

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