Sex positions to spice up my relationship

Make Dinner Together Making dinner together might not sound like a sex game, but it is when you do it right. She can lean back and masturbate you. But be sure that your standing above your woman fucking her from above as she witness your awesomeness. Launch Pad Hilarious name — really great position for continual gentle deep thrusts while in rhythm with your partner. Plus the position will naturally squeeze your vaginal canal. Twisted Doggy Flexible penis? Then turn on the machine. Turtle She turtles right up in a ball and your kneeing behind for deeper penetration.

Sex positions to spice up my relationship

Plus the position will naturally squeeze your vaginal canal. You can start by sitting and let her sit on your lap. Suplex — Her Expose all of her with the suplex — not very comfortable but an interesting change up. The women has a stable footing and support from her arms. Share it with someone you care about. Make it quick and easy. But this position looks really awkward. Let her relax time for you to go to work on her. Instead, you have to pay close attention to every line and curve of your lover in order to draw them. Try to set on a comfortable chair and ask her to sit on your lap. Licking the Flag Pole She opens herself right up for you to get in their and use your mouth and hands. Riding the South Face A more extreme version — the inverted north face means you get a face full of ass to go with everything else. So before you try this be sure you are fit to do this. Simple touching is already erotic, but adding in the fluid colors of paint makes it that much more stimulating. Worth a try all the same. Her feet actually rest on your leaning chest. While some people with disabilities are asexual, the majority want and have sex. Sybian — Reverse Reverse version of the sybian — her legs could get tired but some women really love this reverse position. Sockets Can you point your penis in a downward angle? See-Saw Grab her ass and rock her forward and back while maintaining erection! Mastery Once again the women is in control here and needs to do most of the moving. Help us find a name for this position. Change it up between you sitting on your legs and her backing into you and you both kneeling up with a mini doggy style. Scissors A favorite the world over the scissors allows you to get deep between her legs however thrusting can be awkward if your not used to it. Let us know what you think or any name suggestions on the comment form below.

Sex positions to spice up my relationship

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10 Hot Sex Positions You (probably) Haven't Tried

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