Sex on a period with a condom

It addresses the laws of marital relations, sexuality outside of marriage, procreation and contraception, abortion and rape. Jewish Attitudes Towards Sexuality In Jewish law , sex is not considered shameful, sinful or obscene. Below some quick info for your reference pertaining to your question and comment: No warts just positive result. The fertility benefits of this practice are obvious and undeniable. When you combine this basic physical benefit with the psychological benefit of believing that you are fulfilling G-d 's will, it is absolutely shocking that more couples with fertility problems do not attempt this practice. The woman's right to sexual intercourse is referred to as onah, and it is one of a wife's three basic rights the others are food and clothing , which a husband may not reduce.

Sex on a period with a condom

Birth Control In principle, birth control is permitted, so long as the couple is committed to eventually fulfilling the mitzvah to be fruitful and multiply which, at a minimum, consists of having two children, one of each gender. If you might be disturbed to read about traditional Judaism's point of view on these matters, you may want to avoid this page. Spontaneous sex and improved confidenceWhat are you waiting for? A man may not take a vow to abstain from sex for an extended period of time, and may not take a journey for an extended period of time, because that would deprive his wife of sexual relations. Today, it is used primarily for this purpose and as part of the ritual of conversion , though in some communities observant men periodically immerse themselves for reasons of ritual purity. It is a serious offense to use sex or lack thereof to punish or manipulate a spouse. The Laws of Separation One of the most mysterious areas of Jewish sexual practices is the law of niddah, separation of husband and wife during the woman's menstrual period. Judaism focuses on a person's actions rather than a person's desires. Having intercourse during your period can increase the chances of irritation to the swelled up walls. Abortion Jewish law not only permits, but in some circumstances requires abortion. However, a number of theories suggest that the practice more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage. This is part of the extensive laws of ritual purity described in the Torah. Few people outside of the Orthodox community are even aware that these laws exist, which is unfortunate, because these laws provide many undeniable benefits. I have seen some modern Orthodox sources suggest that if homosexuality is truly something hardwired in the brain, as most gay activists suggest, then a man who acts upon that desire is not morally responsible for his actions, but I am not sure how wide-spread that opinion is. At one time, a large portion of Jewish law revolved around questions of ritual purity and impurity. But when sexual desire is satisfied between a husband and wife at the proper time, out of mutual love and desire, sex is a mitzvah. Please consult your doctor for professional medical advice to address your queries specifically, while below are some quick info: These laws are also known as taharat ha-mishpachah, family purity. Vaginal walls swell as well during menstruation. Nevertheless, Judaism does not ignore the physical component of sexuality. The only other sexual sin that is described in such strong terms is the sin of remarrying a woman you had divorced after she had been married to another man. The Torah does not specify the reason for the laws of niddah, but this period of abstention has both physical and psychological benefits. The Talmud makes no bones about this: A similar reaction happens when a menstruating woman lifts up heavy loads or does strenuous exercises. The mikvah is such an important part of traditional Jewish ritual life that traditionally a new community would build a mikvah before they would build a synagogue.

Sex on a period with a condom

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  1. Should I worry about having them in the future? It is well-established that methods that destroy the seed or block the passage of the seed are not permitted, thus condoms are not permitted for birth control.

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