Sex life of the potato man

In America, he could earn up to a dollar a day, a tremendous improvement. Many lived inside the homes in the servants' quarters and enjoyed a standard of living luxurious by comparison to the life they had known in Ireland or in the tenements. Single Irish women found work as cooks and maids in houses belonging to wealthy families on Beacon Hill in Boston and along Fifth Avenue in New York, and in most other big cities. New York now had more Irish-born citizens than Dublin. Sixty percent of the Irish children born in Boston during this period didn't live to see their sixth birthday. Bostonians feared being undercut by hungry Irish willing to work for less than the going rate. They found cheap housing wherever they could, with many families living in musty cellars. But their country of origin remained a very sad place in the decades following the Famine. Then he paid a visit to New York's mayor and warned him that if just one Catholic church was touched, the Irish would burn all of Manhattan to the ground.

Sex life of the potato man

Instead of comfortable rooms, the confused arrivals were shoved into vermin-infested hovels with eight or ten other unfortunate souls, at prices three or four times higher than what they had been told. Upon arrival, the Irishman and his family would usually go straight to the 'Irish quarter,' locate people from County Mayo, County Cork, or wherever they had come from, and settle in among them. They ran factories, built railroads in the West, and worked in the mines of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Montana. Under such circumstances self-respect, forethought, all the high and noble virtues soon die out, and sullen indifference and despair or disorder, intemperance and utter degradation reign supreme. Over , enlisted in the Union army while others in the South enrolled in the Confederate ranks. Many of the new arrivals, quite frightened at the mere prospect of America, gladly accepted. Intense rivalry quickly developed between the Irish and working class Bostonians over these jobs. At Fredericksburg, the 'Fighting 69th' repeatedly charged a well-entrenched Confederate position on Marye's Heights to the astonishment of all who observed. Many lived inside the homes in the servants' quarters and enjoyed a standard of living luxurious by comparison to the life they had known in Ireland or in the tenements. The Irish were not the only big group of immigrants arriving. Catholic parishes became the center of family life, providing free education, hospitals, sports and numerous social activities, recreating to some degree the close-knit villages the Irish had loved back home while at the same time protecting them from unfriendly Americans. Now, some two hundred thirty years later, their city was undergoing nothing short of an unwanted "social revolution" as described by Ephraim Peabody, member of an old Yankee family. They watched as the newly arrived Irishmen settled with their families into enclaves that became exclusively Irish near the Boston waterfront along Batterymarch and Broad Streets, then in the North End section and in East Boston. Instead, they were confronted by shifty characters and con artists. Abandoned houses near the waterfront that once belonged to wealthy merchants were converted into crowded tenements. Members of the famous Irish Brigade of the Confederate Army. And once again, they fell victim to unscrupulous landlords. During the entire Famine period, about , Irish arrived in New York harbor. In , about 52, Irish arrived in the city which had a total population of , But Staten Island was just five miles from Manhattan. These women were cheerful, kind-hearted, hard working and thrifty, always managing to save a little money out of their salary for those back in Ireland. Unlike other nationalities that came to America seeking wide open spaces, the Irish chose to huddle in the cities partly because they were the poorest of all the immigrants arriving and partly out of a desire to recreate the close-knit communities they had cherished back in Ireland. Sometimes, halfway to their destination, they were told to pay more or risk being thrown overboard. For Irish Americans, the turning point of their early years in the U. The Irish, the first big group of poor refugees ever to come to the United States, had born the brunt of American resentment and prevailed.

Sex life of the potato man

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  1. A Boston Committee of Internal Health studying the situation described the resulting Irish slum as "a perfect hive of human beings, without comforts and mostly without common necessaries; in many cases huddled together like brutes, without regard to age or sex or sense of decency.

  2. In , the first big year of Famine emigration, the city was swamped with 37, Irish Catholics arriving by sea and land.

  3. A substantial German population totaling over 53, also arrived in The sheer numbers of Irish pouring into the U.

  4. Proper Bostonians pointed and laughed at the first Irish immigrants stepping off ships wearing clothes twenty years out of fashion.

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