Sex is the best thing ever

Our common interests had been whittled down to TV shows and takeaway, and that was pretty much how exciting it got. Can masturbation curb the itch? My need is for Christ. In the following months, I went from strength to strength. I woke up Sunday mornings next to him feeling completely guilt-free. Fasting from intimacy outside of marriage is preparation for how even within marriage we are still apart from our Groom until the culmination of all things.

Sex is the best thing ever

Outside of marriage there would actually be no reason or benefit for sex because union with this specific person—my husband—doesn't exist. I know it's easy for the married person to say this, you protest, because at the end of the day I can still have sex. God doesn't owe us relief from stress apart from him, the guarantee I will always feel desirable I don't , my husband will feel capable and sufficient he doesn't , or children will be borne. When I hear those who are not married say "But at least you get to have sex! They also prayed for me actively to someday have the gift of marriage. As another year went past, I became increasingly unhappy. We argued about little things and it was apparent we were on different paths. Enough of me nagging and enough of our relationship, full stop. These are all benefits, but none of them are guarantees. It was in the last six months of our five-year relationship that things changed. Sex within marriage, if anything, makes the lack of complete culmination even more profound because no matter how perfect it is, it still isn't enough to still the longing in our hearts for God. All of this emptiness points to a greater need and a greater longing. The blessing of sex between a husband and wife is not to relieve stress, to make me feel desirable, or to make my husband feel strong and manly. A friend of a friend heard about our hook-up and, as they say, news travels fast. There was no desire or passion left. But do either of them express worship of God with the gift He's given in the right context of covenant? AU The first few times it happened, I was drunk. I took the bull by the horns — or, perhaps more appropriately, I channelled my inner coward as a way to get out. But in my limited view sex is more like a reminder: Can sex outside of marriage feel good? I longed for him to turn around and stick up for himself. All those angsts still exist within marriage, they just take different forms. Not in the way you think it will. Most of us wouldn't be so foolish to say having sex makes things better, but it's darn easy to believe the option and permission to will make it better. Sex is good, God created it, he blessed it. Within marriage and without. It was the worst thing that could have happened but, ironically, it was also the best.

Sex is the best thing ever

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  1. I thought about leaving numerous times, but was scared to be on my own. Can sex outside of marriage feel good?

  2. All those angsts still exist within marriage, they just take different forms. This article was published on whimn.

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