Sex doesn t feel good to me

Even when I am aroused, I get no pleasure whatsoever. It sucks because I want to be able to have an orgasm and I want my boyfriend to feel like he is actually good at sex. It can be exciting to work together to figure out where you like to be touched. I think the pieces on communication and reciprocity could be of particular benefit when you talk together. Same goes with our sexual readiness checklist. The best advice I have based on what you told me is to step back from sex in this relationship for now—not just intercourse , but all genital sex. It includes fantasizing, masturbating solo or partnered , oral sex, vaginal or anal sex intercourse with dildos, penises, fingers or toys. It hurts being fingered.

Sex doesn t feel good to me

Everyone involved needs to be pretty creative and open to experimentation, as well as open and comfortable with the fact that some things will be easier than others, and some things will involve way more experimentation than others. It is extremely frustrating, because I do get turned on and wet, but end up disappointed, dissatisfied, and annoyed. I think both of you have some things to do on your own first before you can potentially get to a place where it might be a lot more sound and feel better, physically and emotionally, for both of you. Someone you love who refuses to believe you love them, who is deeply insecure and impatient, who is passive-aggressive in his communication just might not be a good person to be close to, period—not just sexually. Sure, it could be psychological, in whole or in part. Consent is a key part of happy and healthy sex. I seem to not be able to feel any sort of pleasure from anything sexual. This is a small bump at the top of the vulva. We love each other a lot, and my boyfriend would like to be able to give me the sensations that I am able to give him. However, that pain could also be about, or made more severe by, a health issue, and if it is, all of this stuff about arousal may not be very relevant. Not feeling anything at all, or feeling very little, with any kind of genital sex where the most sensory parts of the genitals are being stimulated is typically an indication someone is just not very aroused or as aroused as they need to be. You voice that both of you are having issues with insecurity. Sometimes that has absolutely nothing to do with love at all. This can be influenced by how you were raised, spirituality, comfort with your body, where you want to have sex, who might know about it, etc. It can be exciting to work together to figure out where you like to be touched. There are also some common threads in your question and some of the other similar questions, like having sexual motives about making an insecure partner feel validated, being new to partnered sex, and putting a lot on genital sex rather than other whole-body or other-body-part sexual activities. Sex can be a great way to relieve tension, but sometimes you can feel too tense for sex. Finding out what feels good Sexual pleasure is different for everyone — we all have our own sensitive spots, fantasies and turn-ons. And listen to your partner s if they say no. Identifying where and how you like to be touched. Self-esteem, to be clear, is about our value of our whole selves—not just who we are in a relationship, who we are as a romantic or sexual partner to anyone, or who we are in bed. Someone as insecure as he sounds like probably needs to do some growing before he can handle being a sexual partner. You can get lube at a pharmacy in the condom section or sex toy stores. Is there something wrong with me? Talk about what feels good for you during sex.

Sex doesn t feel good to me

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Why Most Women Never Orgasm During Sex

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  1. In terms of your genitals specifically, a bunch of different things happen, beyond just self-lubrication which can also happen as part of your fertility cycle: Try touching yourself on different parts of your body, changing speeds or levels of pressure to get a sense of what you might like.

  2. Finding out what feels good Sexual pleasure is different for everyone — we all have our own sensitive spots, fantasies and turn-ons.

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