Safe sex positions during first trimester

Myths such sexual stimulation or orgasm has no role to play in starting labour pain , orgasm may cause mild uterine contractions which are harmless. Women who are going to give birth to twins or multiple babies or women with low line placenta should stay away from intercourse. Hope this article was of help to you! On the side of the bed Classic Missionary Woman lie with the knees bent on the edge of the bed and her partner stands facing her. Females should avoid sex during conditions such as having a history of miscarriage , feeling nauseous or fatigue. Harmful effects of having sex in the first trimester Although sex is considered safe during first trimester , but there are some harmful affects also: It is classic missionary position where there is no trouble of the man resting on his weight on the woman.

Safe sex positions during first trimester

In this position women has authority to lead the depth of the penetration. For women it is understandable that it might not be her interest of choice to get engaged in sex during later parts of her pregnancy due to fatigue issues , but sex during early stages of pregnancy is quite possible with the proper and right precautions. Penetration might be shallow in this position. If it feels too uncomfortable it means that the penetration is quite deep so let your know this. Some women even feel like having a whole new mindset and positive feeling about their body. This becomes even special when the woman is becoming pregnant for the very first time. During intercourse the penis do not extend above the vagina and thus it does not reach the baby. Thus rapid hormonal changes make woman fatigue and less likely to engage herself in sex. Woman should use pillows or cushions behind her upper back and head to prop herself up if she start to feel dizziness. Changes in sex life during first trimester As there are many changes in the sex life during first trimester such as hormone fluctuate , blood flow increases and there can be increase of appetite of woman. In this position the partners lie on bed facing each other which make them feel really intimate and loving. The woman can wrap her legs around the waist of male partner , drawing him in. Pregnancy brings bigger and fuller breasts, rounder hips and curvy attractive body making them more intimate with their partner. The partner can reach around and can stimulate clitoris while having sex. Communicating with the partner maximizes the pleasure and they feel each move and according to that they can even slow down or speed up their pace with full safety. Spooning Lying side by side , the male partner facing your back is one of the intimate position for sex and cuddling. Pentration is shallow so one need not to be very much careful. This sex position during early pregnancy assures that the neither mother nor the baby will be affected. It is classic missionary position where there is no trouble of the man resting on his weight on the woman. Side saddle This is one of the comfortable position in both first and second trimester and possibly in third trimester also. Conclusion Sex during pregnancy can be just as pleasurable as always. The thing which matters most is the muscles of uterus , they ought to be strong enough which kills the possibility of a miscarriage. Ensuring the sex is not too rough and hard. So it is best to consult a gynaecologist before having intercourse during pregnancy to avoid certain complications. This position can also be tried by making the woman kneel on hands and knees at the edge of the bed and making the partner stand at the foot of the bed.

Safe sex positions during first trimester

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