Once upon a time in mexico sex

I guess if there really was a story or characters in this movie, the violence might be too disturbing. We see a flashback of the general shooting a woman and her child we don't see the impact and then shooting a man several times he and the woman are bloody. A man walks into traffic and is nearly hit by a car. A man and a woman are chained together at the wrists, they are shot at by many men, the man and the woman jump out a window, dangle from the chains swinging back and forth while being shot at, they slide across a cable, slam into a moving bus, and the bus crashes into a fuel tanker that explodes sending the man and woman sailing through the air with flames chasing them. Sands heaves a large rock out at a body floating in some water to sink it and we see the impact. We see a flashback of Carolina simultaneously throwing many small knives into several men's foreheads, killing them no blood. More people are shot. A man punches a man in the face repeatedly, a man is hit hard in the head with a gun and falls unconscious. A man is shot in the leg and falls to the ground, he then shoots one man in the foot and then the head we see bloody bullet holes.

Once upon a time in mexico sex

A man unzips his fly, reaches in and pulls out a gun. He then shoots the other man in the foot and head all with bloody results. Lorenzo and Fideo shoot various people, one fires a modified flamethrower at others and they send a remote controlled guitar case filled with explosives beneath a vehicle that's then destroyed by the explosion. A man talks about another man having "wiped out a couple of towns," and men talk about people having been tortured. Families can talk about this film's portrayal of violence compared to a more realistic approach in movies like Saving Private Ryan. A man is shot in the knees we see his knees are completely blown off and the man falls back on the ground, he is then shot in the head we see a very bloody head wound. A man comes toward another man with a drill, it spins and gets closer to his eye, we see the man wearing glasses with blood pouring down his cheeks and later with bloody, empty eye sockets when the glasses fall off. A big gun battle then breaks out in the church with El Mariachi shooting and killing various people no blood , while church property damage occurs from all of the gunfire. He and another man then aim their guns directly at the others' face, and then many hold their guns on El Mariachi. We see a man lying on a table being prepared for a surgical procedure he gets an injection in his arm and a scalpel cuts under his eye there's a bit of blood. A woman shoots at a man a few times and holds a gun to his face. During a shootout at an outdoor market many people are propelled through the air and crash into vegetables after having been hit by bullets. A woman shoots a man, a woman holds a gun on a man, and a woman is shot in the stomach. A man injects himself in the neck a couple of times and a man is jabbed in the neck with a hypodermic needle. The three mariachis shoot and blast a guy down some steps. A man shoots a man in the chest three times blood splatters onto the screen , and a man is shot in the head we see a bloody hole and face. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. But Robert Rodriguez, who not only wrote and directed this movie but also "shot, chopped, and scored" it, too, doesn't so much omit story and character as transcend them. A guitar case contains an arsenal. A man talks about being tortured in the past and pain inflicted on his "left nut" testicle. A man threatens another man with a gun, and there are several verbal threats of violence mainly torture and dismemberment , and a man tells another man to cut a man's fingers off. Sands shoots a woman dead with some bloody results. Sands shoots a chef for making a great dish with resultant blood on that man's shirt and a little on the camera lens. He then hits others and shoots one. But boy oh boy, they sure do it with a lot of style. Sands mentions one of Barillo's men pumping an agent full of drugs as a means of torture in the past and not seen.

Once upon a time in mexico sex

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  1. If I had to explain the story, it would be something like this: A man must deal with his wife and child being murdered in the past and wants revenge for that.

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