My wife doesn t satisfy me sexually

She does not like to please me orally. And, find some other source to take you on another plane. Take a holiday with your wife and relax. Making encouraging noises and comments when he does something that stimulates you can also help him in realizing what you want. Remember that sex is all in the mind and it needs participation of both parties. She must discuss this issue with the husband and tell him in clear terms that it can jeopardize their marriage. And, then you will find yourself doing it again and again because it will seem so easy at first.

My wife doesn t satisfy me sexually

You see where I am going with this? Which will create other issues and problems in your marriage. The cheating road is shorter but full of danger. This is why we all need lessons about how to please our partners. She has tried to talk to his husband but he pays no heed to her feelings, which has left her clueless as to what she should do now and is need of help. It could also be that you are the one not satisfying her sexually, leading to her not satisfying you in bed. I can count on both hands how many times I have gotten it, and neither was enjoyable. This may and will do you a lot of good. The Sensate Focus exercises are excellent too as they can help him in understanding that sex is mutual and includes foreplay too. My girlfriend disappeared and left her daughter with me I am 26 and totally confused because my wife is not satisfying me in bed any more. Because if you keep thinking about getting your fulfillment someplace else, trust me, you will go out and find someone to do it. It would be prudent for you to try and hear in her-own words why she has lost interest in sex. I fear the thought of cheating and going out and getting it in the streets and bringing home a STD to my wife. How about you talk with your wife about exploring ways she can sexually please you, and in particular the desire to be orally pleased. The husband is mostly too exhausted to have sex and when he does have sex, he does not last long. What should I do? If he promises then I will tell him that I have lied about being satisfied in bed. In your sex life, you will have highs and lows. So, when you sweat or excrete guess what you smell like? A newly wedded couple is encountering problems in its sexual life. And, finally, because I got to go meditate and get my high on, tell your wife about the weed. I am going to say this S-L-O-W for all of you out there who are in relationships: You may also seek the services of a counsellor or a sex therapist. Share them with your wife, and express to her how it can be an enjoyable and pleasurable experience for the both of you. The opinion and experiences of others can help you in finding a solution that is appropriate for your particular situation.

My wife doesn t satisfy me sexually

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  1. I guess I will have to settle for my natural high and meditate. Remember that sex is all in the mind and it needs participation of both parties.

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