My girlfriend lost her sex drive

Explore each other again like in the beginning as if you were two love-struck teenagers. Here are there asexuality resources. When you've been having sex, if once a week wasn't enough for you, it may be awhile, if ever, before it's more often than that. Internet people can't really diagnose this, but I would bet some money on a combination of physical and mental. If you quit pursuing it, nothing will happen. And not just "Hey baby, let's do it," but if I consistently get treats, dinner, a footrub, etc. You should read it too because your technique may be lacking.

My girlfriend lost her sex drive

What if you suggest to her that you start the Couch to 5k program and you do it together? Low sex drive, depression and anxiety are like the top three side effects for a lot of women. It never occurred to me that not wanting sex could be normal. I have also had low libido when I was working long hours at a stressful job. At 30, I didn't know. Which is what many of not most of the suggestions here are focused on. I think you might gently encourage her to get therapy. If she had some injury or something where she couldn't have sex anymore at all, I wouldn't even consider leaving her. The very ingredients that nurture love — mutuality, reciprocity, protection, worry, responsibility for the other — are sometimes the very ingredients that stifle desire. I just assumed I was broken because all people want to bang all the time, right? It has caused a lot of problems for me, because people I've loved -- I didn't want to have sex with them, but for the vast majority of people, sex is an important part of a romantic relationship. It was a series of baby steps, but here is what changed: Make clear that this is important to you and request help from a therapist if you think that would help. By all means, please do talk with her about this, because maybe you can find some common ground. I didn't think of that. But at least you're both equally unhappy, right? Is this because she doesn't want to deal with this issue, or is because of something else--embarrassment at talking about it, fear of doctors, etc? Either way, it's completely unfair of her to just expect you to stay in this relationship with her when she doesn't seem willing to engage in sex anymore with you. If she's not into that and not working with you, there is not much else you can do. These things are altered by hormonal birth control and SSRI's. Maybe she needs a kick in the pants. Kissing, cuddling, hand holding, and doing nice things should happen all the time, not just when you are expecting a happy ending. It truly was one of those "you don't know you're feeling crappy until you're not" things. More power to you, bud. I got comfortable enough to try out a couple of her kinks; at first, even breathing a word of it would get her interested and ready to go play, and we both had a great time.

My girlfriend lost her sex drive

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Mismatched Sex Drives

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  1. Some woman are much more interested in PiV sex after they orgasm. But these are all things to explore if she wants to.

  2. You should read it too because your technique may be lacking. When you've been having sex, if once a week wasn't enough for you, it may be awhile, if ever, before it's more often than that.

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