My aunt has sex with me

Aunt Dorothy broke away from kissing my lips and started kissing my chest, it tickled a little but it was nice. I French kissed her open pussy and buried my tongue deep inside her. I was nervous and didn't know what to do. She is always smart and wears make up most of the time, she's very pretty, she has short jet black hair and beautiful brown eyes, she is a little curvy and has a big bust. It tasted like nothing else I'd ever tasted but I loved it. Suddenly aunt Dorothy stopped and yelled, I thought I'd hurt her but she smiled and grabbed my head and kissed me.

My aunt has sex with me

I almost cum so I grabbed her and laid her down, kneeling between her open legs I grabbed my hard wet cock and put it at the entrance to her pussy. She led me into her bedroom and immediately she took off her top and her skirt, then instead of looking for some cooler clothes she laid down on the bed. She sat up slightly and removed her bra, "that's better. She would also lay on the sofa with me next to her and open her legs letting me see all the way up to her panties, I would stare and she would watch me but not close her legs. I didn't reply, I just kept licking and swallowing her juices. Aunt Dorothy pulled my head into her cleavage and hugged me tightly. She took my hand opened her legs and placed my hand on her pussy, she still had her panties on but I could feel her pubic hair through the panties and she had quite a large bulge. I stood away from her a little and it fell to the floor, she turned around to face me and I thought my cock was going to explode. She said "I've heard them mock you for being a virgin, well that's going to change very soon. During the long hot summer of with both my parents at work Aunt Dorothy would keep an eye on me and my brothers. My heart was pounding and I was nervously excited, I knocked the door and walked into the kitchen. I can teach you everything about sex, but it must be our secret. This was the closest I'd ever been to a pussy and the smell, the warmth and the wetness quickly spreading all over my face hardened my cock in seconds. Then she put my fingers on a small hard lump, "that's my clit, rub it gently and it'll make me cum. I sat up and stared intently at her boobs, "do you want to touch them? She gently pushed me onto my back and kissed me from my neck all the way down my torso until she reached my hard cock. She is always smart and wears make up most of the time, she's very pretty, she has short jet black hair and beautiful brown eyes, she is a little curvy and has a big bust. Most days started the same, we were quiet but once they got bored my brothers would entertain themselves by picking on me. I pushed but nothing happened as I struggled to find her entrance due to my inexperience so she took hold of it and guided it to the right spot, it went in quite easily because of our combined wetness. Aunt Dorothy got on top of me and started rubbing her soaking pussy up and down the length of my cock but not putting it inside her. She took my cock out of her mouth tilted her head back and swallowed all that was in her mouth, then using her fingers she wiped the rest from around her mouth and chin and swallowed that too. I didn't need telling twice and sucked and licked her beautiful jewel, "finger me too. Aunt Dorothy felt my erect cock pushing against her, we stopped kissing and she said "mmmm you're eager Paul, let's go straight upstairs. She slid her pussy up and down on my cock slowly at first before leaning on my chest with both her hands and riding me faster and faster until I could take no more, I reached up and grabbed her heavy bouncing tits as I let my cock uncontrollably burst it's full load deep inside her, aunt Dorothy smiled at me as I was pumping every last drop into her and my cock felt tender every time she moved, I thought that was it, but she had other ideas, she sat upright and started to ride my cock again, luckily I was still hard, then she rubbed her clit as she fucked me until she screamed and I felt her pussy pulsating around my cock. One time she caught me staring and said "do you like that Paul? Suddenly she stopped and laid down on the bed, "are you sure you want to carry on doing this?

My aunt has sex with me

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