Monsters ball halle berry sex scene

I don't know who wrote this statement, but it sounds like someone who was extremely ignornant and clearly subjective in their thoughts. By the way, if anyone knows how to combine the 3 hatnotes into one continuous paragraph so theyre not so spaced out and distracting please do so. Who was the last 'best actress' who did a nude sex scene? It's too bad that I did not see these responses sooner. People seem to ignore the fact that Billy Bob Thornton is also naked in the sex scenes and shows off a lot, too!

Monsters ball halle berry sex scene

Others believed that Berry had actually made love to Thornton, causing them to label her as a whore and as a race traitor to African Americans, particularly to black males. The opening paragraph of the plot summary says: Plot Summary[ edit ] I edited the entire section for clarity, grammar and style. Fans and critics have insisted that if a black woman actress plays a nude scene in any way even beyond the recognizable prostitute , there must be something 'wrong' with her, i. Here are five other ultra-realistic scenes which have had cinema-goers asking, "Was it for real? And while the interracial slant was certainly a factor, most people seemed to be more insulted by the fact that the white man was a racist, as opposed to be white. I remain supportive of the film and of the characters and in particular, Halle Berry's performance. No, I really don't think so. This is a gradual, yet sudden relationship that is not based on physical attraction or love, but emotional need and depravity. I understand the point, but whomever wrote this did a poor job of expressing it and I take offense. A metaphor of shattered innocence or repressed emotion, perhaps? Even if Berry continues to work in mediocre roles and no one says that she probably has to pay the bills for her failed marriages, her accidents, and to simply stay afloat like other actors while she happens on better scripts , I believe that in at least this one role, she stood apart, and for this, she deserves some respect. Ray Charles wasn't exactly a stand-up guy I thought the filmn was too kind to him and seriously inaccurate , but he was a real person; Denzel and Halle's characters were fictional. Or should the article be left as is? There does seem to be a kind of 'ownership' that black people engage in regarding the exposure or depiction of black actors and in this case, black female bodies on film no matter how it is depicted. Also, some of the above discussion threads should be merged as there are separate ones for individual comments about similar aspects, and then separate sections for replies. One in particular was the syndicated film reviewer and columnist Esther Iverem, who seemed to spearhead one attack on Berry. Unfortunately, you didn't get it. They focus on The Scene without inquiring about what it truly meant in the context of the film. My comment about Denzel was pretty much written in an ironic tone. She was also a mother of questionable competence, whose son is morbidly obese and dies soon after he appears in the film. Berry's role was described as breaking the stereotype of African-American women—she was not a hooker or drug addict—but in some ways it fits the mold: I left the critic's 2nd quote about how racism is used there, mostly because of the editorial opinions expressed above. Buck seemingly taught Hank how to hate which results in Buck's hatred of his father, his son and members of the neighboring community. Instead, they say nothing of the kind happened, or that the criticism was overblown and or not to be believed or only confined to a 'small minority.

Monsters ball halle berry sex scene

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  1. Even during the movie's most important scenes, Forster does not overplay the material.

  2. Therefore, there are not specific writers, per se, as many of them wrote in anonymously and using cover names, but black detractors of the film were legion. Consider a scene where a character checks his father into an old folk's home.

  3. Outside of this movie's controversial sex scene[ edit ] This movie was poorly acted by Berry. African Americans were deeply split over Berry's winning the Award as well as actor Denzel Washington, who while consistently playing in acceptable and heroic roles, won his Oscar for playing a venal Los Angeles cop in Training Day.

  4. Really should anyone who wasn't in any of these situation even comment? Most movies about depravity are really about entertainment, but director Marc Forster avoids preachy speeches, big sappy moments, and melodramatic music.

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