Is there pleasure in anal sex

Strauss AL, Corbin J. Let's just say that Tristan Taormino and Toni Bentley aren't alone. One commenter observes that anal sex is "a more drawn out experience, what with prep work. It may cause an orgasm. Among those women who had experienced non-consensual anal intercourse in the past, more than one participant also reported engaging in anal intercourse of her own accord, for non-transactional purposes, on other occasions. And 94 percent of women who received anal sex in their last encounter said they reached orgasm—a higher rate of orgasm than was reported by women who had vaginal intercourse or received oral sex. All of the ones that liked it had fairly intense orgasms no surprise there but only if their clitoris was stimulated at the same time. For all but one participant, the last occasions of anal intercourse occurred alongside other forms of sexual activity, such as oral sex and vaginal intercourse. These are just a few of the answers people have come up with.

Is there pleasure in anal sex

See this lesbian testimonial on the same theme. Anal sex requires more attention to the woman's mind and body. She notes that in her Reddit community, [P]eople who do not enjoy certain acts are really frowned upon, and it's bugging me. As women embrace sodomy, it may lose its taboo appeal for men. Far from being uncomfortable with anal intercourse, as we might expect of an activity that is so often stigmatized 1 , this participant took satisfaction in being the object of male desire and, in doing so, reaffirmed her sense of being a beautiful, desirable woman. Women who offer anal sex are typically those most comfortable with themselves, their bodies or with asking for what they want from their partner, and when a woman is comfortable with those things she's more likely to reach orgasm. Given that anal intercourse is associated with higher rates of heterosexual HIV transmission than vaginal intercourse 10 — 13 , women who engage in unprotected anal intercourse with sexual partners of unknown or seropositive status may be at greater risk for acquiring HIV than women who do not practice anal intercourse or who use protection while doing so. Orgasms cause relaxation, which facilitates anal sex. When good sex is safer sex. These are just anecdotes, but the survey data back them up: Non-consensual anal intercourse occurred with a range of partners both familiar and unfamiliar, from former husbands and boyfriends to strangers and men met on the Internet. Here are some theories proposed by readers and bloggers. Seidlin M, et al. And I just found a new part of my body I can enjoy. Promoting protection and pleasure: Why do they do it? Dudley MG, et al. It hurt and it felt good at the same time. But they're two to three times more likely to report anal sex. Too often, note Gupta and Weiss 40 , interventions to address high-risk sexual practices collude with existing hierarchies, rather than challenge the underlying structures that contribute to economic and sexual marginalization. It's not one causing the other, but a common cause that results in the two being correlated. Similarly, the more he proves that he knows what he's doing, the more likely I am to let him do something that could potentially really, really hurt me. Gupta GR, Weiss E. According to Simon and Gagnon 21 , in choosing to practice certain sexual behaviors over others, individuals are guided by cultural scenarios that proscribe specific courses of action. The more I love and trust someone, the more likely I am to have an orgasm while with him—and the more likely I am to be okay with pushing society's "norms" with him. Anal sex causes orgasms. AIDS and heterosexual anal intercourse.

Is there pleasure in anal sex

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Is Anal Sex Ever Pleasurable for Women?

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  1. A number of researchers have already pointed to the need for increased attention to anal intercourse as an understudied source of HIV transmission from seropositive men to their seronegative female partners 1 , 3 , 6 ,

  2. Future studies should seek to quantitatively assess HIV and STI risk among a larger and more representative sample of women who engage in anal intercourse.

  3. The reason is that we mostly used the condoms in order not to get pregnant. Five of them say they get orgasms from it.

  4. The following participant, when asked if she had been pressured to have anal sex by her non-exclusive partner, distinguished between male initiative and male pressure: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

  5. Lots of men are coming forward to say they don't like it examples here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here , and here , and some seem to have been turned off to it by women who wanted it.

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