I want your sex george micheal

She never told anyone about what happened, but she certainly started treating people better. But more was to come. I picked it up and it had definetly been worn, i imagined Mileys sweet little pussy pressed against the material and my cock started getting hard. A couple of minutes of her sucking and i was ready to blow. I decided to strip off myself, no point in wasting time. I gave her a nod and she gulped it down.

I want your sex george micheal

Seems she was a dirty little slut after all. I turned round to see Miley Cyrus looking straight at me with my cock in my hand and one of her thongs covered in my cum. She did as she was told. She started stroking it slowly, showing no sign that this was the first cock she had touched. I walked over, past Miley to the door, but instead of walking out, i turned the key and put the key in my pocket. A couple of minutes of her sucking and i was ready to blow. Grabbing her hair i pulled her onto the last few inches and felt her tight throat stuggle to take it down. Despite all this i still wanted to screw her so much, everytime i saw her sexy little body i wanted to bend her over. Her pussy was aleady getting wet and the tightness and warmth nearly made me cum straight away, but i wanted to hold it. She did as asked and i slid my cock in. I pulled her hips back down towards me making sure i was as deep into her as possible, and held her there for a little. She had a plain white thong on, it was part lacy at the front, i looked but couldnt see any hair on her pussy. It was full with loads of sets, some cute little bras and some sexy little thongs and french knickers. I teased her, rubbing the head of my dick up and down the lips of her pussy. WIth that she gulped it down, there was so much it took 2 swallows to get it all down but she managed it. I got out of the chair and walked over to her. I felt her body spasm as she let out a load groan as she came hard, covering my dick in her juice and clamping down hard. It was obvious this wasnt her first time sucking dick. She was obviously already turned on as it didnt take me long to find it, already sticking out and swollen begging to be played with. It looked so tight and perfect, not an ounce of fat on there. I looked down at her with my hot cum in her mouth, a red cheek from the slap, a streak of cum across her face and tears in her eyes. I stripped naked and sat down in the chair, stroking my cock, now soft and recovering after shooting 2 hot loads in quick succession. SHe turned to face me with tears in her eyes, i sat down in a chair and looked at her. But without saying anything she grabbed my cock at the base, opened her mouth and took in the first 4 inches, wrapping her tongue around the head and sucking hard. I was making sure every thrust went all the way in, i looked down and saw tears running down Mileys cheek as i carried on viciously face fucking her, her throat obviously taking a beating.

I want your sex george micheal

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