I want to have sex with my roommate

She turned out to be crazy. Your question makes it sound like you want to wait. These questions, and so many more, need to be answered before you start sleeping with her. It could come out well. We get along great. Find someone else to have sex with. The impression I'm getting from what you've said about her makes me think that she is.

I want to have sex with my roommate

If she turns into a psycho, just leave. And I, too, am on Team Sex. At that point you have no exit point and you know for a fact that her brother will side with his sister. I hadn't been with anyone in a year, he hadn't for two years. This is an adult we're talking about, right? Go for it, and have fun. The next morning, things were pretty much normal. I moved into a unit in his house last March. That's not your concern. He got invited to a bar, but since I couldn't go I'm 20, he's 30 he decided not to either. It's not a move made by typically well-balanced people. I agree with you that the cons probably outweigh the pros here, but I wish AskMe was capable of getting through a whole relationship question without anyone being criticized for being male. But the one pair of roommates that I know who slept with each other eventually got married and just had their first baby last month. This could get very messy, very quickly when she decides she no longer wants to have sex with you, or when she decides you've done something wrong. I am going through now and reading, but at first glance it looks like the over all consensus is to go forth and fuck like rabbits! Frankly, I would already be looking for a new place to live. But if you've just come out of a bunch of drama filled living arrangements why the heck would you immediately go and do something which may well lead to the exact same thing? The impression I'm getting from what you've said about her makes me think that she is. As long as you are open and communicative and make sure both parties know what the rules and expectations are, what the hell. And the fact that, while living there, I could not -- despite not being in a relationship -- date anybody else. In a regular relationship there is the underlying friendship that forms a security net, and you don't really have this. Find someone else to have sex with. Then as soon as you're finished having sex, she asks you to move in with her. Of course Cat Pie Hurts is correct that his opinion shouldn't matter, but I think it's reasonable to be wary about creating a situation in which you have to fight that argument out every day with someone who shares your home My other concern is that I may have actual feelings for her, and do not want to be let down or left heartbroken, and don't want to put her in that situation. I'd say find a new place then start fucking. She presumably knows her brother better than you do.

I want to have sex with my roommate

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  1. If you go in, you'll be moving out. You don't have to shit where you sleep in order to get laid.

  2. She might rage, and she might yell, but I promise you, babe Another is that her brother also lives there and I don't know how he would feel with me banging his sister.

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