How to write a sexy note

The Whiz-Bang Phrase instills in his mind just how valuable you are to him. A naughty love letter must have action, and animalistic action is raw and intense and engaging. Choose a good hiding place for your note. Use words like taste, arouse, tempt, linger, savor, ruthless, tremble, hunger, lick, attack, attract, sense, pounce, inhale, devour, prey, excite, anticipate, hunt, and pursue. What Do You Want to Do? Create a spicy little invitation for some hot and heavy action, and deliver on your promises. You are the sexiest man I have ever known. Practice first by writing your own steamy love scene. A dirty, flirty text message or a good old-fashioned love note is hard to beat.

How to write a sexy note

You give me dirty thoughts…Should I tell you about them? What is the conversation and body language? This is totally awesome for an anniversary or birthday! Do consider who the recipient is. You'll be shocked and delighted! The Whiz-Bang Phrase instills in his mind just how valuable you are to him. Writing Love Letters is Romantic This date hack is all about how to make your partner feel mega cared about using a cocktail of words and creativity. Practice first by writing your own steamy love scene. Animalistic Action Words Think like the animal you are and how this person makes you react to them. Put it on his dashboard. You can even use their favorite love songs as inspiration. Great adjectives to use are: Because of sales techniques, including the use of trigger words. Time to Get Dirty 3. Tuck it into his glasses case. The Attraction Spinner Phrase is perfect for a woman who feels she is being used. Writing a love letter with a little bit of sugar and spice and everything naughty will make your partner feel extremely desirable. It's not degrading to use verbs related to animals if used tastefully in a passionate way. Then leave it somewhere obvious for her to find. Don't speak only of physical needs—people are attracted on a mental level too. Give her one and put the rest in your Date Stash for later! Sneak it into his messenger bag. Follow these tips and see where it gets you — you won't be disappointed. An extra special naughty love letter is not purely about sex — it's a combination of sexuality, class, taste, love, and lust. This is where you combine your descriptive and action words and explain what you would do with or to this person the next time you get a moment alone with him or her.

How to write a sexy note

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  1. Write this letter to a lover, a very special someone, a spouse, or a girlfriend or boyfriend—not to crushes, someone you barely know or someone you are stalking anonymously. The reason for using tasteful and creative adjectives like the samples above are to stir up emotion in your partner — get them to use their imagination too.

  2. The more specific the details, the better, because it shows romantic admiration, and it's just plain flattering for the recipient. Once he hears the whiz-bang phrase he will start to see you as the most important person in his life that he never wants to lose.

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