How to train a dragon sex

Nearly half an hour later I found myself in front of the beautiful pools of crystal clear water, heated and steaming. This was exactly what I needed right now. My big dragon replied with a loud slap on my ass. With a sudden, dominant growl, he pressed my head down, thrusting up hard and forcing his fat cock down my throat. I trudged up and out of the pool, spralling on the grassy beach that surrounded my favourite spring. It felt like his spunk was firing so deep inside me, pooling within my belly.

How to train a dragon sex

A few moments longer and he grinned, pulling free of my throat to pain ribbons of spunk onto my face and chest, splattering over my skin like a gooey shower. Moving to the springs, my hips swaying with the weight, I had to drain the cum from inside me and wash my legs and ass. Toothless still looked like he wanted more, cock twitching and stiff. Nearly half an hour later I found myself in front of the beautiful pools of crystal clear water, heated and steaming. Rhythmically I rode him, starting to bounce, feeling the hot sperm slosh inside me, making me moan as I held my swollen belly. Pressing deeper, grinding my palm on my clit until I was gasping, I could feel the heat building inside. Warbling playfully, he picked up the pace and started humping into me harder, his belly lightly pressing on my back as he found his rhythm. I had started to groan, gasping and moaning each time his tip pressed against my womb, feeling my tunnel stretching and relaxing around his pistoning cock. For a few moments, all that could be hear was the soft "glug, glug, glug," as Toothless force fed me his cum, warbling in delight and satisfaction. I let out a startled gasp, feeling him work to stretch me around his thick shaft, pushing me to my limits. And all of that had led to the most intense climax I'd ever had. Though, at the same time it made me angry that he could be so dense, so oblivious to what was going on around him. I lay in the sun, amongst the long lush blades of grass, basking as I dry. After a nice dinner and a chat of how each of our days went we got into bed. We couldn't have him finding out what we were doing, he'd be furious, I thought. With a soft sigh I headed down the path, taking my time as I moved through the forest. He throbbed with each strand of cum he fed my womb until finally he began to calm. My big dragon replied with a loud slap on my ass. Finally with an excited moan, my hips jerked against him as my hot juices poured over his tongue and splashed against his lips, leaving me a gasping, shivering mess. Though, the more I thought, the more my frustrations from before surfaced and grew, and I realized I wanted this. The large dragon pumped jet after jet of hot, sticky spunk inside me, slowly distending my belly with it's weight. Gesturing to the large dragon, I pointed to the floor. If Hiccup wouldn't do it, I'd find someone else who would, and the one I found was this dragon standing over me. I screamed and moaned, my hands holding my belly tight as I felt it distend further, swelling with his third load before I finally clambered off him, some of his cum splattering onto the floor. He was slamming our hips together now, his full, heavy balls slapped my thighs in that rhythmic way I couldn't get enough of.

How to train a dragon sex

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