How to stay sexually pure while dating

This will encourage both of you to stay in the word AND keep God ever on your thoughts. However, every time we try to stay pure we end up slipping up. How would you suggest we deal with our situation? September 19, Q: Article for Christianity Today website. This perspective shift was a game changer for my wife and me in our dating relationship. Plan to get home at a reasonable hour!

How to stay sexually pure while dating

Rather, ask what level of affection is honoring to God and respectful of your date. Therefore honor God with your bodies. Does that mean you already crossed the line and should just give up and go for it? Participate in ministry together. Value and respect your date as a child of God. Sex smooths things over. They problem is that the sexual landscape for Christians has changed tremendously during my lifetime. This is a high and holy calling for men and women alike! Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity. Too many witnesses, aka chaperons. In almost every situation where sin took a toll, two things happened: Chapman travels the world presenting seminars on marriage, family, and relationships, and his radio programs air on more than stations. The top 5 reasons spring is a season of love. Pursuing purity may be one of the hardest things you face in your dating relationship, but it is also one of the most rewarding. You ask for forgiveness. There are two aspects of leadership that have much influence on how you and your significant other interact: Most temptations are discussed as if they come from an outside source; not from within our own hearts. Go to church regularly. Today, I want to get into specifics on staying sexually pure. Their are several reasons women give their bodies to a men, but in a God-seeking relationship the primary reasons are: Part 3 at http: Why I wished I had stayed pure before marriage. This final consequence was the most heart breaking for me and Mr. What if you mess up? It not only keeps God nearby, but is also a way of showing your girlfriend that you respect her and long for the both of you to remain pure and blameless in His sight.

How to stay sexually pure while dating

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  1. How to keep your relationship pure. Physical intimacy is the most deeply emotional communication a woman uses to express those feelings.

  2. I think to work through that book would make wonderful dating experiences for you. This will encourage both of you to stay in the word AND keep God ever on your thoughts.

  3. We cannot do this on our own, so seek out all the Christian resources you need to stay sexually pure. Actually, Jacob waited for Rachel for seven years see Genesis

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