How to preform oral sex on a woman

Rhythmically massaging this area before or while using your tongue is a great way to stimulate blood flow and add to the fullness of sensation. That said, the tip of the clitoris is definitely a magic sweet spot. If you cramp up easily, you may have a lot of stored jaw tension that you need to release. Although there is quite a bit of variation from woman to woman as to what they like and what their preferences are, there are some guidelines that a person can follow to maximize the oral sex experience for their partner. Here is the low down on going down. Giving good oral sex to a woman is a knack.

How to preform oral sex on a woman

And just like it is for men, the more the person giving oral is truly into it, the hotter it is and the faster the recipient will likely hit climax. Imagine that your sexual arousal is a pot full of water. The best is when you can let yourself go and really eat her out. Lavish her with genuine praise. Notice what makes her breathe harder and deeper. Stop and use just your fingers for a little bit. For me, going down on a woman I love often feels like sitting down to a steak dinner after 40 days in the desert. Let your excitement show. Like any other sexual skill , all you can do to develop it is practice and repetition. If you enjoyed reading this article, you will likely also love checking out: The tendency most men have while licking is to clench up, which is what causes most guys to quickly burn out and not make it to the payoff. Heightened arousal, lubrication, and pleasurable sensations are all important whether or not she reaches orgasm. Make sure she can lie back and let every muscle go. By starting slow and switching up the intensity from high to low, and low to high, you create sexual tension, which eventually spills over in the form of orgasm s. If the position she prefers is too hard on your neck, try lifting her hips up by placing a pillow underneath them, or by having her on her side and resting your head on the inside of her thigh. Tell her what parts you find sexy. While a guy can happily hit a rolling boil in no time at all, a woman needs more time to heat up. For that reason, it is always best to start giving a woman oral sex slowly and softly. You can increase the oral intensity once in a while by flexing your tongue and leaning into her while you lick. But as a rule of thumb: Next, when performing oral sex, you should try your best to be relaxed. Above all else, listen to her and enjoy yourself. Keep calm and lick on my friends. Working The Clitoris The clitoris is a gateway to some of the most insane levels of peak pleasure a woman could ever experience. Some will prefer that you incorporate licking over the U-Spot as well. Let it hang completely loose and flick your tongue independently of any jaw tension.

How to preform oral sex on a woman

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