How to make good sex in bed

If you can't head off for the weekend, go out to dinner instead. Women don't really expect men to be sex gods -- they just want the guys to try to meet their needs. Repeat this process several times. You kept him waiting, and fair is fair. There's a flip side to this. But mix it up a little:

How to make good sex in bed

You kept him waiting, and fair is fair. Pay attention to her feedback and tune your behavior accordingly. Maybe he can't have as many orgasms as you, but that's all the more reason to let your hands and lips roam. In fact, I have sad memories of real pain that I suffered from well-meaning lovers who were so well-endowed that each thrust hurt. Unless you know differently about the specific woman you're in bed with, the two basic things you need to do to be a good lover are slow down and pay attention. If you're paying attention, you'll get fairly clear indications even when she's not vocal; whole-body tremors are a common sign. After a few years together, it's easy to get lazy in bed. These moves will make sex hotter, happier, and just plain sexier. The secret to the best sex ever Explore Anal Play Whether you've tried it before or have always been curious, there are plenty of benefits for both you and her when it comes to trying butt stuff. Rub your body against his. If you two are spending quality time together, you're happy. Women vary a good deal in their response to this kind of stimulation, so unless you know your partner's preferences start light and slow and gradually crank up the intensity until you find where she responds best. Notice these differences and others and use them. It works -- if you follow it you won't go far wrong. The thing is, you like sex — a lot. Put your hand on top of his and guide him in how you want to be touched — including how much pressure to use. When you give him a little gratitude, it's a huge bonding moment for him. To learn how to do it, practice on yourself so that you're able to guide your partner through it. This advice isn't quite as true for her, unfortunately -- but we'll cover that below. That, not physical equipment or fancy moves, is what will make you terrific in bed. Read the list every morning. Or perhaps it's when you do yoga and achieve a mind-body meld. If you can pace things so you let go just after she begins to climax, that's about ideal. But mix it up a little: Touch each part and say aloud what you like about it — this will help to reinforce your feelings, says Berman. Better yet, visit him at work.

How to make good sex in bed

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6 Sex Hacks For Better Sex

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  1. Research at the University of Washington shows that when men pitch in around the house, their wives are much more likely to be satisfied with the relationship and to want more sex.

  2. If she comes at all under that kind of treatment, it's going to be just a shadow of the rip-snortin' multiorgasmic joyride a good lover would take her on. However, beware of taking it too literally.

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