How to have a sexy lips

In this kind of exercise, the lips have to be shaped in such a way that it resembles the face of a fish. It can be very easy to get good and sexy lips by doing these simple exercises, which helps to keep the lips in shape and also get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles which form around the cheek and lips. Apart from keeping the lips in shape, it also increases the bond between the partners due to the act of passionate kissing. Next, use the side edge of the liner tip or a lip brush to feather the color inward. This particular exercise is useful for people who have chubby cheeks and dimpled chin. Even if you have perfectly shaped lips , then also you can perform these exercises to help your lips stay in shape.

How to have a sexy lips

Making the pout shaped lips and exercising is another technique, which can be done to get shapely lips. Lips are the wonder organs of human body which is visible and which shows the state of our mind. Stretch the mouth as if smiling at someone and starting to blow flying kisses is how this exercise is done. This exercise is particularly beneficial for females who have thin lips. It will pay off in the long run by lessening the deeper lines and wrinkles that are much harder to get rid of completely. To exfoliate safely, take a tablespoon full of sugar and mix it with almond oil and rub it gently on your lips for a couple of minutes. We all know babies suck their thumb for some kind of security; here too the same sucking exercise comes in handy while keeping the lips in perfect shape, but the finger is different. Cucumbers have high water content, so a gentle massage with cucumber slices is sure to rehydrate your lips. After making a fish face , the lips have to be moved up and down. Protect Lips From The Sun: The face is the first component of our body that other people notice, so it is imperative that all the parts of our face look absolutely flawless, including our lips. In the morning clean your lips with an antibacterial soap and immediately apply some lip balm on your lips to keep them from drying out. Lips are the most sensuous organ in the body, and are used for various purposes like eating food, conversation, smiling, and most importantly kissing. While matte shades tend to have more pigment and fewer moisturizing ingredients that's what makes them last longer , most nonmatte lipsticks actually help your lips retain moisture, according to Ronald Moy, M. Your lip surface does have a very thin layer of natural oils to protect itself from becoming dehydrated, but that layer is not enough on hot sunny days. Always apply an SPF 15 lip balm under lipstick and reapply frequently during the day. Such is the beauty of this exercise. Rotating the lips in a clock wise and anti clock wise is the only thing to be followed while doing this exercise. To do this exercise, a glass full of water has to be filled in the mouth and rotated without spitting the water. Use The Best Lip Plumper: To get the sexiest lips possible, follow these eight simple steps. Take a clean, dry toothbrush not the one you use to brush your teeth and rub a bit of Vaseline onto the bristles, then gently brush your lips for several seconds to smooth away rough spots. This exercise is done mainly using the tongue. This can also be called as the flying kiss exercise. Without moisturization, getting the perfect pout is virtually impossible.

How to have a sexy lips

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How to Create Fuller Lips with Face Yoga

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  1. Because appearance is everything! Rotating the lips in a clock wise and anti clock wise is the only thing to be followed while doing this exercise.

  2. The only way to get your lips to become noticeable is by making them shinier and bigger, but most importantly, in proportion with your face. Doing so regularly is bound to give superb results and awesome shaped lips.

  3. Try switching between lipsticks from different brands to ensure your lips do not get damaged.

  4. Also, no matter how nervous you are, don't bite your lips. Doing so multiple times will help the lips to retain a good shape apart from ensuring proper blood supply.

  5. To do this exercise, a glass full of water has to be filled in the mouth and rotated without spitting the water. Start with a liner just slightly darker than your lipstick shade and outline the shape you desire going outside your lip line slightly will make lips look fuller.

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