How to give men oral sex

Otherwise let him come in your mouth and then spit it out. Then add your mouth, taking him in as your hand moves up and down. Oral sex tip 6: You can learn more handjob techniques to give your man from the in-depth Hand Job Guide here. Lick, suck and play with his erect penis using your tongue don't be shy to make eye contact too. Some men like to come onto breasts, bellies or other parts of their partner but make sure you've agreed to this first - it's entirely your choice. Try gently caressing his testicles and then try upping the pace for a few strokes. You can even try doing this for your entire blow job until he comes.

How to give men oral sex

If it makes you feel more up for it try having a shower together as part of foreplay so that you can nice and clean before you get dirty. Ejaculation When he starts to come, there's the question of whether to swallow or not. Some men like to come onto breasts, bellies or other parts of their partner but make sure you've agreed to this first - it's entirely your choice. Oral sex tip 7: Oral sex tip 9: Lick, Lick, Lick It Licking his penis is a powerful blow job technique for beginning your blow job. Instead, blow like a pro and take his penis into your mouth, with plenty of saliva and suck up and down his shaft mimicking the thrusting motion of penetration, taking care not to graze his 'friend' with your teeth. The slight spasming of your throat thanks to your gag reflex will make it more enjoyable and stimulating for your man, along with the fact that the rest of your mouth and tongue will be stimulating the shaft of his dick. All added together he'll be totally under your control - a total turn on for you too! What is oral sex blow job? You can also try champagne, fizzy water, mint, ice cubes and ice cream for extra unexpected sensations. All About Eye Contact Making eye contact with your man while giving him head can be super intimate and intense and even a bit submissive. Next have a little sip and with the champagne in your mouth, take your man in your mouth and start performing fellatio on him. Keeping your tongue flat so that it covers as much of his testicles as possible is best. Awesome Sauce is just using something like maple syrup or warm chocolate syrup, cream, champagne, ice cream or even ice cubes in your mouth while you go about your regular blow job routine. Whatever you can do to his penis with your mouth, you can do to his balls. Taking him deeper and deeper into your mouth runs the risk of triggering your gag reflex[ 5 ]. Lightly kiss his inner thighs. Remember when it comes to sucking him off, teeth are never welcome. While holding his penis steady in one or both hands, start making a slow circular motion with your tongue around the top of his penis. The added benefit of having champagne or ice cream or anything tasty in your mouth, is that it drowns out the taste of his sperm and semen when he does ejaculate. Temperature play can be fun, so try taking a mouthful of warm tea, swill it around your mouth and swallow then take your man's penis into your mouth for 20 seconds and suck. Oral sex tip 5: With plenty of saliva or lube, try gently running your fingers over and back the top of his penis and listen as he uncontrollably groans in pleasure. Foundation For Intense Blow Jobs In addition to reading the guide below, I strongly encourage you to listen to this podcast I recorded that will teach you exactly how to give your man the perfect blow job. The difference in hot and cold will feel fabulous for him.

How to give men oral sex

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5 tips on how to give your man great oral sex

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