How to ask husband for sex

We get erections ridiculously easy and we come quickly. They view good sex as an indicator that the relationship is good. The husband in turn has the experience of touching and caressing her inwardly, in such a deep and intimate manner as God touches our own souls with His grace. Rather than copulating with his penis, he penetrates her with his fist. Getting to orgasm is like walking a tightrope. However, because of the intense nature of the act of fisting and the degree of surrender and submission involved in being fisted, a couple should first look deeply into their own hearts and pray for guidance as to whether it is wise for the wife to fist the husband. These are extremely brief, primitive thoughts, lasting only milliseconds. Likewise, the spiritual and sexual power of fisting cannot be known unless experienced physically.

How to ask husband for sex

Fisting does not have to be painful if it is performed correctly, using enough lubrication and patience. This is how your steak and potatoes philistine macho-man husband thinks. It is the voice of my beloved! This is a subtle but profound difference. This is because by having sex you just demonstrated to him that you have a relationship to begin with. Both the vagina and the rectum are extremely elastic — a vagina, after all, can stretch to accommodate a full-term baby. The hand is inserted in a slow and controlled manner, and is preceded and followed by other sexual stimulation which may lead to orgasm. And you should too. The most maddening part is we get sexual thoughts about all women regardless of appropriateness or attraction. Both should treat the act of fisting as a divine spiritual mystery to be entered into with reverence and awe, especially the husband. Given the powerful symbolism of the fist, it is no surprise that couples who have partaken in the practice of fisting have described it as being a profoundly spiritual experience. So take advantage of it. The husband in turn has the experience of touching and caressing her inwardly, in such a deep and intimate manner as God touches our own souls with His grace. The act of fisting is physically challenging to perform, requiring patience on the part of the active partner, and relaxation on the part of the receiving partner. A man looks at porn for two reasons. Every man is different but the odds are that most, if not all of these seven points, are fundamentally true for the man your are with right now. This is far from the truth, and as we can see from the above description, it can be a gentle, loving, and highly erotic act. Men are Always Ready for Sex. However, judging from Oprah, Dear Abby, and countless magazines and relationship columnists it apparently needs to be mentioned. Not complex thoughts like women do. Powerful Yet Gentle In the Song of Solomon, the Bible describes the act of fisting and the profound erotic bliss it induces: He will be very responsive. A Christian couple can use fisting to build trust and intimacy between them, as well as strengthening their relationship with the Lord. Role Reversal So far we have only discussed a husband fisting his wife, but some couples may wonder if it is appropriate for a wife to fist her husband if he enjoys anal stimulation. This is just the way it is. Men get the same charge out of porn as they do from watching YouTube videos of explosions, fights, and guys getting hit in the nuts.

How to ask husband for sex

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