How long can i have unprotected sex after my period

However, your chances will be very low in reality. Should this happen, wash and apply antiseptic with alcohol or povidone immediately to prevent any infection. Check out this article for your preliminary info. What are the chances of that happening? This can easily affect you psychologically, having you worried after, or even during lovemaking. Be sure to practice a strict hygiene as any injury or abnormality of the vagina or cervix is a welcoming sign to infection. I go the 26th to get on the shot.

How long can i have unprotected sex after my period

However, you will be more fertile at certain times during your menstrual cycle, and this is the period when you are more likely to conceive. If not, abstinence is the only sure way to avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. You will be approaching your fertile window if your period last for five to seven days and you engage in sex immediately after. Please consult your doctor for professional medical advice to address your queries specifically, while below are some quick info: It is that they are relying on what is considered the safe period of the month to engage in sexual activities without taking any precaution. KN Kncorre 26 Apr I have a concern. Monday my boyfriend came in me , I just started ovulating today. Your most fertile time will be at ovulation — happens when your ovaries release an egg — which normally takes place twelve to fourteen days before the start of the next period. I am very worried. Bleeding after sex is no small matter. There are medical studies like below that show stress may play a role to HPV-related health problems, while more future research are needed to confirm the findings: Unless your periods are irregular or if you are 45 and above, infection is most likely the cause. This will get your bleeding controlled and allow you to monitor its characteristics — whether or not it happens after intercourse, its frequency, amount and its constancy. My first one was April the 10 my second one was June 26 while I was on my cycle. I spoke with my nurse practitioner and she said it was unlikely I could spread it to him. Because my last period was December 27, I am 50 years old but have had abnormal bleeding since feb. LI lilypad94 21 Mar I was wantng to know if i would be safevi have been following up qitg my depo shot and keeping track of my periods but the thing is my periods don tshow that started my period but i know that's normal This means you could get pregnant very soon after your period ends if you ovulate early, particularly if your menstrual cycle is naturally short. Just trying to be as transparent as possible with my current partner. This means that pregnancy is a definite possibility if either one of you has sperm on your hands or any other part of your body, and it comes in contact with your vagina. Endometrial Cancer is rarer but also a possible cause. I eventually got it but it lasted days, starting from the 14th to the 18th. Stress and depression is linked to HPV-related health problems and Psychosocial stress and cervical neoplasia risk 3. And I know the feelings of been pregnant.. It is important to point out that the sperm can survive inside the body sometimes for as much as seven days after a woman has sex.

How long can i have unprotected sex after my period

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