Hot and sexy indian house wife

Because he can remarry again and try for a boy with his new wife. Next morning he told me he had to go to Madras and it might keep him away for nearly 15 days. Time passed and it was 5am already. It was very warm. My organization gives medical support to urban underdeveloped villages in India. Even in the train I had noticed she had to frequently breastfeed the baby. Juhiya had hardly finished her bath when the baby started to weep again.

Hot and sexy indian house wife

I kissed her navel and the whole stomach portion. After that she tied her petticoat above the boobs. She laughed again shyly. Yet her overall figure confirmed that she was well-shaped inside. From my room upstairs I could see everything clearly inside the bathroom. She covered her head and whole upper portion with the saree and carefully opened the blouse buttons and also the bra. There was nothing else nearby that she could use for covering her body. She said she will give the baby to one of her close relative who is desperately looking to adopt a baby. I am also thirsty for that milk. For my organization I have to visit some of the north eastern zones of India for giving temporary medical support to the govt. I went to the village to take her with me. My eyes had not moved from her hardcore sex-bombshell of a body. I asked her how? In her room I heard her shouting and giving gaalis to the kid for being such a nuisance. She was getting the message and seemed to agree in co-operating with me but at a later time. The day I had to leave she looked very sad. I could hardly sleep that night. I quietly tiptoed to an upper level from where I could see her bare breasts more clearly. Juhiya had hardly finished her bath when the baby started to weep again. She slowly looked to see what I was upto. Later turned her over and did the same with the full back side. She looked embarrassed wondering how to feed the baby in front of me. She told me that she already given the baby to her relative and they are very very happy to get the baby. He said I could come to his house and stay until I could locate my destination. I asked her how you know your husband will not search for you?

Hot and sexy indian house wife

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