Fifty shades of grey sex excerpts

He takes his sweet, torturous time — luxuriating in his private viewing activity. A deep V borrows into my forehead as I try to recall what happened after Christian made slow, beautiful love to me. Not one bit and I just hated myself more. My naked body wakes up in a tangle of sheets and an empty bed. Was it always like this? I gaze at him once more. With his eyes securely fastened to mine his intent is unwavering and unaffected by my modesty. He catches my wrist and steps forward while pulling me close. His hands curl into my hair, pinning my head in place.

Fifty shades of grey sex excerpts

I started seeing Bastille twice a day, hit the gym over weekends and ran. He catches my wrist and steps forward while pulling me close. I feel myself warm and unfurl under his steamy adoration. He slings it away carelessly, his ogling eyes never leaving the naked place they covered. Eyes closed he kisses my inner thigh, next to his ear then gently unhooks my leg. He kisses my lips ever so softly before boring into me again, searching the depths of my soul. It comes as no surprise that the food is stunning. I have to hit him with the large doses of the reassurance that he still needs. He hooks one of my legs over his shoulder and rims me with an exploring finger to check for lubrication. I want to see you. His sure hands move around and grip my backside firmly, holding me in place. My heart jams with emotion for him, packed full — I feel the same way. Holy shit, that sounds so… hot. Avaricious velvet licks at me with long wet strokes and I lose all reason, focussing fiercely on that one tiny spot of overriding pleasure. I reach for my breasts and cup them. Single dates and one-night-stands might be harder to uncover. It was a shock. Did he slip it onto my finger while I was sleeping so that I could wake up to the surprise? I splinter into a million pieces, forgetting myself, only aware of him pulsing wildly inside me. While we wait we can take a shower. What would it take to get you to back off from this subject? He angles his hips, impatient to feel the length of me. There was a time when he would refuse to believe that he was worth loving. Oh my fucking my! He spears me with his tongue but his eyes are on me, following every swipe and swirl of my hands. His hands slip around, cupping my backside as he pushes his nose into my sex, inhaling deeply.

Fifty shades of grey sex excerpts

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  1. Making myself smaller as the familiar shame tears through me. When he comes away I catch his gaze.

  2. He raids my mouth mercilessly, our arms and legs tangling and writhing, taking in the exquisite pleasure of intimate contact.

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