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A real narrative achievement. Of course shaming works. Awad gets everything right and, throughout these interconnected stories, reveals how absurd our culture is about women and their bodies. The reason why women are urged to avoid drinking while pregnant is because alcohol causes physical and mental damage to unborn babies, aka fetal alcohol syndrome. Fat girls are unpleasant.

Fat girl on fat girl sex

But the book is neither. Awad gets everything right and, throughout these interconnected stories, reveals how absurd our culture is about women and their bodies. Here are several steps we can take that, if implemented by enough men, will end the scourge of obesity in record time. Of course shaming works. This includes your family; if your sisters, cousins or aunts insist on being losers, treat them like losers. Fatties may get some sloppy, drunk sex from men, at the cost of being less likely to find love or a relationship with a man they respect. Mona Awad has a gift for turning the every day strange and luminous, for finding bright sparks of humor in the deepest dark. Therefore, the easiest way to drive the point home is to stop validating fat chicks with your dick. Here, have another cupcake. Leftists and feminists labor under the delusion that character traits each exist in a vacuum. I highly recommend this one. Treat them like you would treat a child molester or a card-carrying Nazi. The reality is the reverse: Why should we treat fat pregnant women any different? The same lack of impulse control that would lead a girl to stuff her face until she resembles a wad of pizza dough would also lead her to stuff her vagina with cocks until her gunt is oozing with herpes sores. Can you name one male fat acceptance advocate? Fat girls are stupid. Will somebody please think of the children? But given the rising obesity rate, totally cutting the swine out of your life is impossible, so on the off-chance you have no choice but to talk to a fatty, you should always… 3. Ever wonder how Chinese and Korean girls stay so skinny? She is a strikingly original and strikingly talented new voice. The experience of being a woman. Fat girls are sluts. A real narrative achievement. Beautifully constructed; a devastating novel but also a deeply empathetic one. At times funny, at others heart-breaking, this is an important one to read this year. Fantastic new genre-bending fiction.

Fat girl on fat girl sex

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