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Zais Teacher & Principal Evaluation Plan: Greatest Hits

on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 01:58

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We like Mick Zais.  His awful teacher evaluation plan has galvanized teachers in a way that nothing else could have. 

Nevertheless, there's no reason he has to take up the entire homepage.

Now, all that material has a single home, right here.  Enjoy!

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Major Victory: State Board Rejects Evaluation Plan. Zais Blames EdFirstSC Email Campaign

Yes, we'd have to say that went well.  Here's all the fun that was had along the way...

EZ Email List: Contact all 17 members of the State Board of Ed with one email.  Tell them to reject the Zais evaluation plan.

What Will Supt. Zais Plan Do for Kids?: besides putting them under tremendous pressure to generate numbers they can't control and driving skilled teachers away from struggling schools?

VIDEO: Urging State Board of Ed to Reject Zais Plan for Teacher Evaluation: 1st speech to State Board of Ed re. teacher evaluation.  Laying out the case against letter grades, schoolwide test scores, and value-added.

Post & Courier: Charleston Stakeholder Meeting: If Mick Zais isn't running scared, I sure would hate to see him when he is.

Formal Complaint to State Board re. Censorship of Charleston Stakeholder Meeting: State employees deciding which questions are permissible, in full view of the audience.  The giggling was a bit much, Scottie.

Florence Morning News: Censorship at Florence Stakeholder Meeting It got worse.

Formal Complaint to State Board of Education re. Censorship of Florence Stakeholder Meeting: Stuffing audience questions in a briefcase.  Most people would be embarassed.

VIDEO: Zais- "I'm Not Listening": 2nd speech to State Board of Ed re. teacher evaluation. "That might be the right approach for a used car lot.  It's not right for our schools."

STATE BOARD THROWS OUT LETTER GRADES FOR TEACHERS!: our email campaign generated over 16,000 emails to the State Board of Ed.  They heard us.  The State Dept. of Ed is still denying this, since a formal vote has not been taken.  Keep hope alive, boys.

VIDEO: Greenville Teachers Provide "Accountability" to Supt. Zais for Evaluation Plan: a classic that just gets better over time.  Go ahead, share it on Facebook.  Your friends will thank you.

Charleston City Paper Article: EdFirstSC Takes on Zais' Plan for Evaluating Teachers: once again, City Paper shines a light on critical education issues.  Thank you!.

The State OpEd: Supt. Zais' Teacher Eval Plan Unfair, Counterproductive: the paper ran this under another title that was inaccurate.  Mick Zais hasn't proposed merit pay.  He just really, really wants to and has firm plans to do so.

Help Defeat Supt. Zais' Teacher Evaluation Plan: pretty self-explanatory.  And important.