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Sen. Thurmond: Shaming and Firing Teachers (NO appeals...NO seniority)

on Tue, 04/01/2014 - 03:27

A series of bills sponsored by Sen. Paul Thurmond (R-Charleston) would expose SC teachers to:

  • public humiliation

  • firing without cause

  • with no right to an appeal.

They would also strip seniority rights from teachers.
(Scroll down for details)

SC law requires districts to state a cause for firing a teacher, document it, and give the teacher an opportunity to respond.

Once that happens,
the district is free to do as it pleases.

This is hardly an overwhelming burden.


Please Call:

Sen. Fair- 803 - 212- 6420

Sen. Cleary- 803 - 212- 6040

Sen. Rankin- 803 - 212- 6410

Sen. Peeler- 803 - 212- 6430

Sen. Hutto- 803 - 212- 6140

Sen. Pickney- 803 - 212- 6148

Sen. Hayes- 803 - 212- 6240

Sen. Matthews- 803 - 212- 6056

Sen. Malloy- 803 - 212- 6172


or Email:


  1. Highlight a block of addresses. 
  2. Right click to "Copy".  (Make sure the cursor is not in the highlighted area)
  3. "Paste" them into an email (a "bcc" works best) 

This will allow you to reach every key decision-maker with ONE email.

Pressed for time?  Just forward the email I sent you. 

Thank you so much for making this effort.


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Due-process protections were enacted to protect teachers from unfair threats to their employment.

Without these protections, teachers are vulnerable to unfounded accusations, manipulation, coercion, and exploitation.

S.1057 – Teachers would have no right to appeal their firing…just like at Burger King.

Unlike at Burger King, a teacher’s contract non-renewal is basically career-ending

Teachers are required to report it on future job applications, and districts can find the record on a state database.  It’s a life-sentence.

Teachers whose contract is not renewed aren't even eligible for unemployment.

S.1058 – Requires that parents be notified if their child’s teacher is undergoing a “highly consequential” or “formal/summative” evaluation.

The evaluation statuses referenced are periods of close review, not a negative judgment.

This bill would publicly shame teachers under review in the same manner as convicted sex offenders.

The notification itself will be perceived by parents as a negative judgment, before any such judgment has been made. 

Administrators will be flooded with requests to exit that class.

That negative judgment will persist in the community for years, even if the teacher is found to be competent and effective.

S.1059 – Requires districts to maintain a searchable database of fired teachers.

Sort of like the one the state already maintains.

To make absolutely certain that a dismissal is career ending, regardless of circumstance. 

S.1144 – Requires districts to use student test scores to determine layoff status, and forbids the use of seniority.

A mountain of evidence has shown that test scores are a wildly unreliable way to judge teachers.

It does however create a handy pretext for districts to discard more expensive experienced educators and replace them with younger (cheaper) teachers.

Discarding due process and seniority is an inappropriate way to treat members of a vulnerable, under-compensated profession that requires extensive preparation and commitment.


Think it can’t happen?
All of these bills recently became law in NC. 
Think it can’t happen here? 
Charleston County just requested (and received) a waiver to operate a charter school on similar terms to S. 1057. 

It opens this fall.