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SC School Funding: Not Even "Minimally Adequate"

on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 06:46

Call SC House leaders or send EZ Email.  Tell them to, "Increase Base Student Cost this year".

SC law uses an infamous phrase to describe the standard of education we will provide: "minimally adequate".   

State law also includes a school funding formula.  For next year, it works out to $2790 per child

This year's funding was $778 per child BELOW that, even though we had a billion dollar surplus.  A school with 700 students is missing over a half-million dollars.

Every year since 2008, legislators have ignored the formula.  We cut more from education than any other state during the recession (24.1%).
Making friends is part of Kindergarten, but 29 is too many when you're supposed to be learning to read.  Sadly, that's become a reality.

Last year, legislators crowed about bringing funding up to $2012 per child.  Cynics asked if we'd be raising it to $2013 this year.  Now it seems that some are unwilling to do even that

Supt. Zais failed to request any increaseSC House leadership has indicated that they are uninterested in providing one

There are several revenue scenarios for this year's budget, but none provides an excuse for shorting kids 27% of what they've been promised.  This is a sad reflection of the way that our children are being prioritized.

We KNOW that South Carolina can do better.  It's up to us to make it happen.

Click to call House leaders.  Click for EZ email that reaches everyone.  Tell them to increase "Base Student Cost" this year.