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The Road Ahead

on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 14:08

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Our opponents have not given up...

State Supt-for-Now Mick Zais is a particularly sad example. 

He’s still pilot testing his evaluation scheme, even though the State Board already gave it an emphatic “No”.
Click for participating schools.

In his one and only concession to reality, he has finally tossed letter-grades for teachers overboard.  Was that so hard? 

Gov. Haley is promising a comprehensive election-year “Education Reform” package.  Please forgive my lack of enthusiasm for this project.

This is the same Gov. Haley who tried to cut $80 million from education when the state had a billion dollar SURPLUS

She went on to veto funding for teacher salaries after years of salary freezes and furloughs.

Now, she’s on a “listening tour” as she “develops” a plan that is rumored to be gathering dust in a file cabinet labeled “ALEC”.
I have cleared my calendar.

Good News: They're Both Up for Re-Election in 2014. 

EdFirstSC is already interviewing for these positions.


A development to watch carefully...

Do you teach in Charleston?  CCSD is working intensively on an evaluation system & merit pay plan for teachers based on student performance.

During development, it will award bonuses.  The long-term goal is to reconfigure the salary structure.

Do you teach in another district?  You need to know that the hope is for this plan to become a model for the state.

I have shared a number of concerns with CCSD’s board and administration.  I appreciate their invitation to participate in the plan’s development.
I will keep you updated.

The bottom-line is that we need to build our strength and grow our voice.

Join EdFirstSC at no cost if you have not done so.