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The Road Ahead

on Tue, 07/24/2012 - 13:00

EdFirst isn't a website.  This website is just the hub of a movement that is changing the political conversation around education in SC.

Here's a look at what the next steps look like: 

  • The legislature is done for the year.  Summer is their winter.  We'll be spending this time on recruiting and networking, putting us in the best possible position to affect political outcomes in the year ahead.
  • This fall, we'll be working to register voters and support candidates who are ready to stand up for strong public schools.  We'll also be sending a message to unopposed candidates who have blocked our agenda.  All of these initiatives will also have a recruiting element.  Many hands make light work. 
  • Winter will see us monitoring and reporting on education issues as the legislative agenda for the year takes shape.  At this point, school funding formulas and merit pay for teachers are expected to be hot topics.  On funding, we need to be out in front, pushing the conversation towards equity and stability, both of which are missing right now.  The budget needs to move towards meeting state funding minimums that are currently being ignored.  Vouchers and tax credits came very close to passing in the last session.  Expect to see them back.
  • Come springtime, the legislature will be in session and the budget will be taking shape.  This is when we'll be on the phone and in the Statehouse, making our voices heard. 

The bottom line is that lots of decisions will be made that are going to have a major impact on education in South Carolina.  Why be on the sidelines?

The only thing worse than a bad policy is knowing that you did nothing to create a better one!  

If you've signed up with EdFirst, you have nothing to worry about.  You will be at the table when decisions are made.