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Press Release: EdFirstSC Calls On Zais to Withdraw Class-Size Proposal & Re-election Bid

on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 10:29

SC educators don't deserve another distracting effort to undermine their vital work.

Mick Zais took 29 personal days during his first ten months in office to attend football games and stamp conventions, clean his shed, and go golfing.  He would seem to be well-poised to make the most of an extended lame-duck term.

Mick's not always the best listener.  CLICK HERE to email all State Board Members.  Tell them to REJECT this ludicrous proposal.

The following press release was sent to Mick Zais, as well as statewide media:

EdFirstSC is calling on State Supt. Mick Zais to withdraw his proposal to gut vital regulations that govern class-size, mandatory staffing ratios, and teacher workloads.

Public outcry has quickly intensified to the point where his outrageous proposal to undermine students and teachers is not politically viable.   

State Board members report hearing from hundreds of angry citizens just days after this proposal began receiving statewide attention.  In an online poll, 96% of respondents said the Zais proposal was, “A bad idea.”

Organizations representing teachers, administrators, and school boards have all spoken out against his proposed changes.

An immediate withdrawal would allow educators the peace of mind to focus on serving students, rather than engaging in yet-another protracted battle with their State Superintendent over a policy that was developed without their input.

While a sudden retreat from his proposal could be politically embarrassing for Zais, EdFirstSC further recommends that he drop out of the race for State Superintendent in 2014.

Dr. Zais speaks often on the importance of choice.  Voters deserve choices, too.  The Republican Party deserves time to find a candidate whose values and judgments are in line with South Carolina voters, who by and large support public schools and the people who serve them.

The following statement in response to his proposal demonstrates just how out-of-touch the radical ideology of Mick Zais is with mainstream conservative thought:

Board member [and Haley appointee] Mike Brenan is among the board’s most conservative members; Zais is a Republican. But Brenan said he doesn’t support this proposal.

“I’m generally in favor of providing waivers that give school districts flexibility to be innovative, creative and transformative,” he said. “This particular one doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with innovation, creativity and transformation, and I more than likely will vote against it.”

                                                                                                                Post & Courier 10/6/13