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No Teacher Left Behind: Catching Up on Lost Step-Increases

on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 07:03

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Last year, our Restore Teacher Salaries campaign forced districts to start giving step-increases again

It also led to the appointment of a special legislative committee investigating the impact of salary freezes on salary schedules statewide. 

The SCEA has been tracking that committee closely.  Their lobbying team includes several of the best-connected lobbyists in the state. 

Key legislators are indicating their interest in bringing every teacher’s salary up to what it should have been, had salaries never been frozen.
That would be incredible.  For some of you, it would mean a three-step increase for next year (two missed steps, plus current year’s).

If we act now, and stay focused, it will happen.  If we don’t, it will wither on the vine.
We make a huge impact when we act together.  Let’s do it again!

State Supt. Mick Zais has urged legislators NOT to restore lost step-increasesThe biggest obstacle is in the SC House of Representatives. 

Click here to call or here to send EZ Email that reaches everyone with one email.
Tell them to make sure every South Carolina teacher is paid what they were promised

"Put back step-increases that were missed when salaries were frozen."