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Lots of People Really "Like" Mick Zais...

on Mon, 11/04/2013 - 03:49

Just got word that Mick Zais has been nominated by Donald Trump to be Assistant US Secretary of Education. 

Looks like they really had to dig deep to find somebody who wouldn't outshine Betsy DeVos...



What's not to "Like"?

How about:

  • Since taking office, Zais sent $144 million of our tax dollars to 49 other states, causing thousands of SC teachers to be fired and directly causing class sizes to skyrocket as we made the biggest cuts to education in the US...24.1%.  SC test scores on NAEP plummeted over this period of draconian cuts that Zais would now make permanent.
  • Since budgets have recovered, Zais has not requested that this funding be restored, even when the state had a billion-dollar surplus.  To continue running SC schools on the cheap, he tried desperately to gut regulations limiting class-sizes.
  • Zais has poisoned relationships with teachers, attempting to give them letter-grades based on test scores of students they've never even met.  At a recent State Board meeting, he suggested making teachers at-will employees, to be fired without notice and without showing any cause or due process.
  • Zais also took 29 personal days during his first ten months in office.  He used those days to go golfing, attend stamp conventions, attend football games, and clean his shed.
  • Zais allowed Jay Ragley to lie to the media, claiming that records related to those personal days would cost $500,000 in man-hours to process and provide under a Freedom of Information Act request.  It ended up taking a staffer about two hours.
  • At another, two senior staff members stood onstage giggling as they sorted questions into those that would and would not be answered.  In a two-hour meeting, less than ten minutes were allotted for questions, and none were asked that raised concerns about their plan. That plan was ultimately rejected by the State Board because of serious concerns about its fairness.

Even those who agree with his goals and radical Libertarian ideology would have to concede that Zais has been singularly ineffective in accomplishing anything of note.

He runs the same play over and over: develop a plan with no input from stakeholders, keep the public in the dark, fail disastrously when it all comes to light...and then withdraw the plan to duck a vote.


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