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How'd Those Stakeholder Meetings Go?

on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:20

How'd Those Stakeholder Meetings Go?

Funny you should ask.  You may recall that in Charleston, Dept. of Ed staff stood in a corner giggling and pulling out every question card that raised concerns about the evaluation plan.

In Florence, EdFirstSC & The SCEA alerted the audience to this censorship, and challenged Zais directly.  How did he and his staff respond? 

I caught them sneaking audience questions into the hallway and stuffing them in a briefcase in the middle of the meeting.  I'm afraid this led to something of "a scene"

Once again, discussion was censored.  Once again, the Department got roughed up in the media for it.  Bit slow on the uptake, those folks, but teachers never give up on their students.

For the final meeting in Columbia, we took the precaution of bringing in a portable sound system. 

While other education groups were in the lobby, we were inside holding a "pre-meeting" to build audience consensus demanding answers to four key questions that had been censored at the last two meetings.

In the proudest moment of my teaching career, the SC Department of Education mastered all of the objectives.  They held a fair and open meeting, staying half an hour late to answer a wide range of questions, including the four that we asked for.  Gold star!