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Election Day Cheat Sheet

on Sun, 11/02/2014 - 01:43

Please get out and vote on Tue. Nov 4th, whether or not you agree with these choices.  Elected officials notice who shows up and who doesn’t. 

The education community has acquired a reputation for staying home.  It shows in the policies and proposals that come forward.

Your best chance to make an impact for students and teachers in your community?
Your local school board.

Charleston County School Board

 Charleston County has been saddled with any number of rubber-stamp lapdogs and loose cannons in the past.

We need level-headed board members who can provide sharp oversight without trying to micromanage the district.

The following people represent your best shot at hitting the sweet spot:


Did I mention education advocate SARAH JOHNSON?

You may not have seen my yard sign and bumper sticker supporting SARAH JOHNSON.

Who knows?  You may not have heard that SARAH JOHNSON is the only candidate endorsed by both the Democratic AND Republican parties.

That would be a shame, because
we need SARAH JOHNSON on the school board!!!
A lot of people talk about, “running our schools like a business.” 

SARAH JOHNSON wants to run them like schools.

Tell a friend!!!



to support badly-needed construction.

Help move kids out of trailers and into classrooms!
  SUPPORT the Education Improvement Referendum !!! 

Vote LOUIS L. SMITHfor Dorchester 2 School Board!!!

Louis Smith has a unique background.

 He’s been a manager in both the private sector and the public sector, as well as an educator.

Louis Smith has worked with families of special needs children, helping them overcome obstacles the rest of us can’t even imagine.

He has deep roots in our community, through civic and religious organizations that he’s been deeply involved with for many years.

It is my great pleasure to endorse Louis Smith for Dorchester 2 School Board.


Vote VINCE SHEHEEN for Governor!!! 

Sen. VINCE SHEEHEN has been pushing universal pre-K access for years.

He's finally dragged his colleagues to support a proven winner that returns $13 dollars to communities for every dollar invested.   He also wants to invest in teacher salaries that are currently below-aver. 

Vince Sheheen knows that you get what you pay for. 

Unlike Nikki Haley, he understands the difference between giving educators a seat at the table and giving them a place to stand for a photo-op.
Haley wants us to forget that in her first budget, she tried to cut education (& veto teacher salaries) to fund a corporate tax cut.

Of course, that wasn't an election year, now was it, Governor?

SC had a billion-dollar surplus at the time. 

We'd already suffered the largest cuts to education in the US, cuts she supported as a legislator.

  Haley is making a desperate bid to paper over her dismal education record with a budget that does more for her donor base than it does for children.   Here’s a simple experiment you can perform.

  1. Ask educators what will make the biggest difference in students’ lives. 
  2. See how many tell you “WiFi access”.  That’s where most of her “new spending” goes.
  3. Ask Haley’s donors from telecom and IT about their biggest priorities. 
  4. Compare the responses.
  6. Donate to EdFirstSC...use the button on the right of your screen.



Vote MOLLY SPEARMAN for State Supt!!!   Our mission is to empower people who care about public schools.

We have three options in our current political climate:

  • support Democrats
  • empower Republicans who care
  • build a third-party that resonates with SC voters

This race offers candidates for each strategy (Tom Thompson, Molly Spearman, and Ed Murray, respectively).   Molly Spearman is best-prepared to have a positive impact on policy.

She’s spent decades in education policy. 

She’s worked in the legislature, the Department of Ed, and as an advocate for public schools.
Molly Spearman knows the issues, the players, and the plays.

She’s perfectly-positioned to stand on the line of defense against the blowhards in her own party who want to strip the public sector and sell it for parts.
I’m endorsing Molly, not every position she’s taken.

We need strong leadership to restore order and integrity to a department that has been run into the ground by an empty suit and the partisan hacks who actually do his job. 

Adios, Mick!  Don’t let the door hit you.