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Charleston County School Board Endorsements

on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 19:00

Charleston County School Board Endorsement

EdFirstSC is endorsing four outstanding candidates for Charleston County School Board: Todd Garrett (write-in), Jim Ramich, Mattese Lecque, and John Barter.

All of them have made distinguished contributions in a variety of endeavors.  Each of them has an extensive record of community service:
Todd Garrett’s been a professor of economics, a real estate broker, and the head of a bank making microloans available in the developing world.  Somehow he found time to lead a Marine Corps tank platoon in Iraq.
Jim Ramich has served on countless boards, corporate and nonprofit, literally all over the world. 
Mattese Lecque had a long career with the Federal Department of Justice, and served with the Army Reserve Medical Corps.

John Barter has decades of experience in corporate leadership, specializing in financial management.


This is a group of people who bring a constructive, collaborative vision of what it means to serve on a school board.
Charleston County has a long, sad history of board members coming in to undermine and disrupt.  Whether they succeed or fail, these members always distract.

These candidates know that.  Some others don't.


Click here to learn more about them, and get involved in their campaigns.

Small donations of time and money can make a huge difference.