50 year old couple having sex

People in glass houses should not start throwing rocks, Let's clean up our own backyard first! When criticizing prophet Muhammad's marriage, one has to to keep in mind that we are trying to apply 20th century standards to those of the 6th century. Get of your high horses, and leave the USA alone already. August 6, at 5: Please provide an action step.

50 year old couple having sex

I have an opened mind when it comes to religion, I'm catholic and read this story then read your reply. It took our culture hundreds of years to get where we are now. These people are animals and no amount of American justice will stop them August 6, at 5: You're a fool to think so. In the mean time. Just because it is tradition doesn't make it right. In , the legal of age under French Napoleonic was increased to He was in his late thirties, early forties. To sue only puts money in the attorney's pockets! August 6, at August 6, at 2: August 6, at 9: August 7, at They have no right to make anything of themselves! Having a girls in those places is a hug burden. No filing papers etc But yours must have been in jest, only sometimes it is hard to tell here August 6, at 6: January 15, at It takes the coming of God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to deal with our evil, forgive our cultural wrongs, blind-spots, and lame excuses for wrongdoing. They pay their parents goods. Infact in these societies, these early marriages was the norm, not the exception. If she is not old enough to bleed that person is to be tried to the highest degree of Rape. Thank you for a breath of fresh air, and commen sense. I am not sure what you are trying to say. August 7, at 6: This is a terrible practice but I think the lawyers can stay out of it. She never ever displayed any "clinical symptoms" of some one who was supposedly exploited.

50 year old couple having sex

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